Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow he's a big kindy boy!

Well I cannot believe the time has finally arrived. All too soon for Mummy and not soon enough for Master Harry. Today was his first day at Kindy and he was soooo excited. I think his words were "No Mum don't pick me up I will ring you on the telephone when I am finished!" and after that apparently I am not needed to take him either. "Mum you turn left, then left, then right, you stay here and I will go to Kindy". Mr Independent - I wonder where that comes from.
Anyway, he loved his first day and is looking forward to going again tomorrow. So I guess I'm a lucky Mum - no major drama at all.

Then you have to celebrate the fine weather. So we got out the Slip and Slide for the first time this afternoon. Seems the boys don't quite understand how to work it (and I was not giving any demonstrations) but they sure had fun.

Then there is only one good thing about our drain not working (grrr need a plumber). On hot days it gathers slip and slide water which quickly heats and its "just like a bath Mum!"

In other news I got my job. I start in Emergency four days a fortnight on 22nd Feb. I have 3 weeks orientation (wow - wouldn't have got that in Gero) full time which will be juggling act with the kids but a good solid base. Looking forward to the challenge and learning again.

Well its another glorious night in Invers so I think I might enjoy a cuppa on my deck. Love to you all

Mel xo


  1. Wonderful to hear that Harry had a great first day at Kindy. I showed Jezarni, she is also very excited about starting kindy, next week. Congratulations on getting your job. Emergency will keep you on your toes! Having a lovely Australia day here, so much happening on the foreshore, its amazing what Geraldton can do when it tries! Take care, love Ciara

  2. hey gorgeous! just got back from the fire works tonight - toby's first and he loved it! congrats on getting your job - a bit of peace of mind for you i bet! well this black dog is very tired, so better go - catch you soon, x don <3

  3. Hi Mel, I have finally found you here in cyber space, great to catch up on all the happenings in your world. your home looks lovley & what a lucky score to have an active vege patch! I have been working on mine again for the last six months or so, was going good until the really hot weather kicked in. Great to see you getting a bit of scrapping done too. Chat again soon, love Rachel, gero wa.

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