Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas and beyond...

Hard to believe Christmas was over a month ago and January ends tonight!!! Where does the time go. Seems I am a little out of date on this little old blog. (and the NZ family are gently reminding me). So here goes a whirlwind tour of what we've been up to.

Well that jolly old man in the red suit has been and gone. But we had to get the yearly Santa pic. I really thought both boys would be right into Santa this year - I was wrong. Master Jake wouldn't have a bar of him and I had to do yet another year in the photo! Note the back to poor old Santa, he wouldn't look at him or even get close.

Christmas morning started at 0130 hours. No typo you read right!! How many times can we tell a five year old to go back to bed - we gave up when Jake finally woke at 630. Mental note to Santa - do not even contemplate Santa stockings on the bed next year, they can stay by the tree. Can you imagine trying to send him back to bed if the stocking was there!

Christmas Day Family Photo.

Master Jake got a new bike and he was pretty stoked.

He also got a "baby greeney" blanket from friends in Canada. It was a hit.

Crackers kept the kids amused and they loved the hats. A day full of relaxing and swimming in the pool. Celebrated with friends and it was fantastic.

The boys got water guns from Santa. Master three has a small issue with the pump action and wasn't quite as able to fight. He can really crack a sad when he wants to.

Then it seems I have been very slack with the camera. School holidays are almost over and Harry is making his own fun...

Australia Day has to be one of the best days to live in Geraldton. The city puts on quite a "festival" of activities all day along the foreshore. The Harry and his wee mate loved the mini ferris wheel. Jake stayed on the ground and did the clowns! They then have fireworks at night - which the kids again love. A great day to spend with friends and always a day to remember Dear Dad - hard to believe how many years have passed since he left us. Miss you mate.

Then we have had some rather strange weather. We had a flash storm the other day. In a friends pool, loving the day when her hubby noticed this strange sight. I literally got out of the pool to take a shot then grabbed the kids and ran for cover inside. It was a fierce dust storm with major winds then rain. Caused chaos for a bit and left many without power.
But nothing compared to the poor Queenslanders and the big cyclone they are expecting later in the week!
Not much from my desk of late.... must get back to it. But here is a layout I did just prior to Christmas.
Not long now and we re off to NZ. Little Sis gets married - yeehaa lets party. Boys will be page boys - so cute. Looking forward to getting there. Nervous about the trip over - by myself and a night in Brisbane on the way. But I'm sure the boys will rise to the occasion and all will be fine.

School starts on Wednesday and we have an excited Master five. Sad in a way the holidays are over but looking forward to what this new year brings. I hope it will be a good one for all of you...

Lots of love

Mel xo