Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It official - we are on our way back to Aussie!

Well, its been a roller coaster of emotions over the last few months. But the end result is....

The house went on the market Sunday, one open home, two offers and either one or the other becomes unconditional Friday 4pm. So we have SOLD our little place. Just as it is looking so good too. My dear hubby has been busy painting, renovating and tidying up madly. Settlement date is Aug 13th. So we will have the movers pick up our stuff and get it on the boat to Freemantle. It should arrive just after us (we arrive Sept 12). We have to pick up Phil's van in Perth but our gear will make it to Gero. We will reside at Anne's for the 4 weeks in between. Then on arrival in Gero we will be back with Phil's Dad till we get on our feet. We are very thankful for fantastic parents.

Our block of land is also on the market but as the real estate market is a little slow in this area it may take a bit to sell.

Sadly, I will have to leave the job I am enjoying. Hard to believe I have not been abused once and have very rarely seen the police at work. This will be a stark contrast to back in Gero. But hopefully I may be able to work emergency back there, if not I'm sure there will be no shortage of work on the wards.

Phil, will be back to recommence our previous business. Really we had it pretty good in Gero. Invercargill is very slow and Phil has not had much work (nor have any of his competitors). So he is looking forward to coming out of retirement! Stay home Dad, whilst he has enjoyed being able to be with the boys more, will not work out long term.

I will be/ am very sad to be leaving my family again. However, more than anything we have to do what is right for our little family unit. Our happiness is paramount and given the situation here, we feel we can have a better lifestyle and be happier in Gero.

Besides I can always come home for holidays. We will be back in NZ Feb/March 2011 - seems my little sister is getting married. Woohoo, wouldn't miss that for the world!

Will also be great to be back in WA for Phil's kids. We have all really missed them - none more so than the boys.

Last but not least we have missed all our friends. I am making new ones and really loving that. But I won't be shy in asking for my spot back at Wed nite scrap! Oh how I've missed my creative, girly nites. Yay, for great weather to enjoy the water and the parks.

So it is very mixed emotions running through my head. But ultimately, I feel we have made the right decision and we may even be able to really put down some roots now with some future direction in mind. So see those of you in Gero in September 2010!!!!!

Just a little side note to life here. Our house really is quite toasty and warm with the fire going. However, seems Harry must have decided a hat was in order! Phil just checked on the boys and this what he found:

Gotta love that boy!

Anyway. as usual the pace of life is kinda fast over here and I have work in the am. Must hit the hay. Love to you all

Mel xo