Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let the adventure begin....

Well, the time has finally come. Our belongings and Van are in a 40ft container destined for Invercargill New Zealand. We are homeless, unemployed (unemployable in DH case!) and carless to boot. Hard to believe we are enroute, seems so long ago we started on this adventure.

We travelled to Perth today and have a couple of days to spend with DH kids and family before boarding the big bird on Sat nite. Off to Auckland for a day, then on to LAX for a month roadtrip throught the US. Can't wait, Mr 4 wants to go to the "castle and the fireworks"(Disneyland). Lots to do and see but most of all just time to chill out the 4 of us. Before we fly back to NZ and get busy getting established.

Been a hard week saying goodbye to some very treasured friends but hey we will be back and with the internet no one is far away. Anyway, love to you all. My next post will almost certainly be from California!!! Take care. See you soon (those in NZ), missing you already (those in Gero).


Friday, October 16, 2009

Great Mates

Well I have to say Geraldton has been good to me I have made some fantastic friends. These three are some of the best friends a girl could ask for. We went out to the farm with the kids and had a great day. Tried hard to get a good pic of all the kids on the old car (just like last year) unfortunately the flies were just too friendly and the kids ones were pretty darn average. But Mr P managed to snap a couple of us (one handed whilst holding the one yr old!!!). I just love this one. Will sorely miss these three amongst a few others:(

This scrap pages is pretty self explanatory. Mr H had to "install" his radio into his car and was busy talking on his mobile on his "way to work"! Too cute.

Anyway, life is really getting very busy now. SO you probably won't hear much from me for a bit. Packers come this Thurs/Fri and we leave Gero on the 28th. Can't wait to just chill out with the family in the US. Shopping and Disneyland here we come....

Looking forward to making it to NZ to find a house and settle down. Boys are struggling a bit (especially Mr H) as they find it hard to understand where the "white car" has gone (SOLD) why some of their toys are being given away .... But we are trying to treat it like an adventure and be really positive. Will be so good to be around family again.

We will buy a netbook in LA to blog our way around the US. Lots of photos and stories. Unfortunately not much crafty goodness for a while - kinda hard when all our gear will be in transit for 8-10 weeks! So will hopefully post again before we leave otherwise I'll pick up in the US.

Till then, enjoy life

Love Mel xo

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lavendar Farm Lovelies

This cheeky face just cracks me up! Today we went out to the Chapman Valley Lavendar Farm for Mums Group. It was a gorgeous day. Kids played and we had scones and tea. Then we did a bit of photo time. Unfortunately, Mr almost 4 had a rare "I'm not going to be in it" day, but Mr 2 was in his element.

Did I mention the lavendar was beautiful?

Then some recent scrap layouts. This one is enough to melt any Mumma's heart.

And this one as the journalling says I was somewhat surprised Mr almost 4 and his friend had a blast. I had a mental image (not pretty) of me climbing to the top to "rescue" my scared son but nope, no hestitation boldly jumping down!

Anyway, it is yet again way too late to be out of my beckoning bed. Plenty on the to do list to achieve.

Oh and did I tell you my exciting news. my Baby sister has got a job in little old Invercargill (or returning from the UK). A change of plans which now means in a couple of months me and two of my sisters will be living in the same town!!! A first in 14 years. Woohoo. My boys are so lucky.

Anyway, I must go to sleep. Take care.

Love Mel xo