Monday, September 26, 2011

Ooops I did it again!

So it seems I really am a bit hopeless at regular blogging. Again I have been gently nudged and it appears 4 months have past and even a international holiday and still no blog! SO here is a random update. As for the holiday stuff - yet to come.

I have managed a few layouts in the last few months:

As always these three boys feature pretty prominently!

When Jakey was born there was 13 of us from the hospital pregnant at the same time! So we started a weekly Mums Group and have had many laughs. Thought it was important to record this:

When Harry was born the parenting course also provided a basis to for a Mums Group and we met weekly till they all went to school. Some great times to cherish:

Harry went to two Kindy's last year due to the moving around. Although he was only at Strathalbyn for 1 term he loved it and his teachers were fantastic, had to record that:

The wildflowers were fantastic this year. We have had the most rain I have ever known here this winter and it shows. The flowers were beautiful....

A recent pic of me and my darling. Its a rarity to get a nice one of the two of us. So on our recent farm trip to the old car (where we have taken photos of Harry and two mates almost every year of their life each Sept/Oct) we managed a happy snap.

The boys also got their first go at tadpoling! SO much fun. This water hole hasn't had water in it for four years but this year it is riddled with tadpoles. Nothing tricky to it, every sweep of the net hauled in masses of HUGE tadpoles. Needless to say the boys loved it.

A few weeks ago we had Book Week. Really a bit of a no brainer in this house they had to go as pirates! What a great morning, I am so lucky I was able to help out in the class room and have fun with the kids.
Surprise - Jake (the king of dress up himself) was more than happy to just be a big boy at school.

As silly faced as one is (Jake), the other is a daredevil. Since when did a 5 year old think concrete steps were to be mastered? I mean does he have no fear? Is this a taste of what is to come?
Anyway, we are all well. Just in the final steps of getting ready to build again and can't wait to be in our own place again and settled! Off to scrap retreat in a few weeks and should have lots of scrapping to share. Hope all is well in your world.

Love Mel xo