Monday, October 25, 2010

Scrap Retreat 2010

Well, we have arrived in Geraldton, found a house, moved in, I've started working a few casual shifts (mainly in Emergency) and Phil has hit the ground running with our Installations Unlimited Business. The boys are settling and Harry has started at kindy. We seem to have basically just slotted back into our old life and it seems kind of surreal to think we actually spent the last almost year in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Just to take five for me - I attended The Scrapbook House Scrap Retreat for a couple of days in October. Bliss - I woke because I had finished sleeping (no kids), I scrapped till I felt like it (no interruptions - no kids), I ate yummy food ( not cooked by me), I did no housework (including dishes), I laughed (some of these girls really are clowns), and generally relaxed. Thanks so much Tania and crew - count me in for next year.

But more than that, I feel a little more like 2009/2010 is recorded. The chaos of this year has left little scrap time and the albums were sadly neglected. So I didn't just chat all day I completed 14 layouts including 2 doubles. Not bad for me.... Then to top it all off I was pretty stoked to get "Queen of the Crop" (most voted for - for those not in the know), for this layout of my Grandad and his first Great Grandaughter - Kate (Sister Sarah's Baby). It was a precious moment - thrilled to get on camera. What a delight to scrap!!

Then here's the rest in no particular order.

Hee hee hee - this was my challenge to me - never scrapped a little pic before. Not sure if I will again - but the important bit is done. The memory is recorded.

Anyway, as usual I have left my GST stuff till the last day. (when will I learn)!!! So must go, the books await. Missing those in NZ, enjoying catching up with those in Gero (and the warmth). Love to you all.

Mel xo