Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jake turns 3 ... well kind of!

Hanging out at the park the other day I snapped this shot of my baby. Starting to grow up. He is so mischievous, those shifty eyes always on alert to let you know he is up to something he knows he shouldn't be. Accompanied with a smile to melt any Mum's heart. He talks like there is no tomorrow and has the imagination that never ceases to amaze me. He is full of cuddles and love. He is never clean (partly environmental - mud, partly the child). He is full of energy and most the time I love him for that!

Now I have to laugh, when there is a perfectly good slide why would you ride down the wood (fortunately with the grain) driving a car..... Brrmmm.

Hard to believe but my baby is almost three. However, he thinks he is already three and can be forgiven for thinking so. You see the packers come on Monday and all his pressies have to go on the boat to Aussie. So this week (amongst the chaos) we held his party. Spiderman themed (not exactly my ideal 3 yr old theme - but he is obsessed). He had some wee mates over and the aunties, uncles, Nana and Great Grandparents. So exciting....

Present from Aunty Smidge and Uncle Andrew - a definite hit Buzz has frequented the house for many hours today.

Took the cheats way out on his cake this year, despite best laid plans. But he was none the wiser and I was alot less stressed.

I did (with the enlisted help of Phil) make a Spiderman pinata. Note to self this is dangerous without VERY close supervision, and 3 yr olds can smack you straight in the camera if you are not quick enough.

Now in my day THIS would NEVER have happened. They grabbed their lollies, took off to play and left this....

Just in case some of you have thought I may never return to scrapping (serious lack of work this year!!!). I actually found time to do a page and it felt good. Not to mention I am excited I have booked retreat when I get back to Geraldton. Woohoo, a weekend of creating - no cooking, no cleaning, no kids....bliss.

Anyway, from this end of the world, I must continue to prepare for packers on Monday. Can't believe the time has come. hope all is well in your part of the world.

Love Mel xo