Friday, June 26, 2009

Ok maybe I can do this

Well hello cyberspace, I have decided after many months of checking the goings on in everyone elses lives via their blog that maybe I can do this. It still feels kinda weird talking to cyberspace but if you bear with me I will get better. This is where I will try to keep everyone up to date on the random things that happen in my life with just a little scrappy craftiness too!

For some reason I always believed I was not creative nor did I have good colour sense. I still remember my Mum saying to anyone looking after me to check my socks if we were going anywhere as I was sure not to match. Well, that was the days of clashing colours!!! " Red and Green should never be seen", definitely NO pink and red!!! Seems almost anything works now. Lucky for me. As for creative - well I guess it had to be there florists, wrought iron, manuka design, artists all up line on the family tree. Not quite sure why I thought it skipped me. However, with the love and encouragement of a few creative friends I'm being forced to challenge my perceptions.

The above layout should have been here but alas can't work out quite how to do this post thing properly yet. I completed this layout last week. The photo is so precious. It was taken way back in 1979 doing one of those "Heritage shots" at the Arrowtown, NZ museum. It sat on a cardboard card displayed in our living room for as long as I can remember. Consequently it is not really in very good shape (Yay for scanners the image is preserved) but it needed special care and what better place than a layout. The people are my Mummy, Daddy and me way back when we were only a family of 3!

Anyway, this is enough rambling. Must make the most of the kids sleep/quiet time. Love to you all. xoxox

Oh I need to put a title

This cyber space thing is weird. xox
Aren't I the luckiest woman alive to have this most adorable boy.
Well I've written a post learning this thing. xo