Saturday, July 17, 2010


Now I know it has been a long time between posts. Sadly, no crafty goodness either. Just hanging to get back into some creative stuff. Seems with working much more I just lack the energy on my nights off (nothing to do with the 5 TV Show seasons of Outrageous Fortune (great kiwi drama) Phil & I are trying to catch up on!) But as usual I've still got my trusty camera out recording the boys antics.

This photo is out of order (grrr) but I wasn't deleting to start again. So we went to Kidzone last week. It was fantastic - for the grand total of $13 each there was 165 activites for the kids all included, just pay for lunch. Great value I thought. The range was huge and age groups varied but I reckon if you come to Invers with kids worth coming July School holidays to go. So here Jake is having a go at "Spinning Paintings" - shame we put them in the "drying room" and forgot them (Mum of the Year Award - ooops!)

Back to the pre stuff: There has been heaps of yummy Autumn colours about the place (a month or two ago) and got this pic of the boys with their mates at the park.

We were so excited in this household to have our cousins from Christchurch come down for a flying visit. Harry and Sienna were so funny together - all laughs and hugs as they played so well, the little two tagging along. Just a little bittersweet on my behalf knowing we are leaving the extended family again soon. Here they had set up their own "band". Jake cracks me up - all the kids grabbed instruments and he improvises - Aussie style and moves a tape measure like a piece of tin! (note Jake is wearing his uniform - size 5 spiderman PJ's - can't get him out of them every day since he found them in the too small for Harry pile!)

Look at our clever boy!!!! Went for a walk with some mates and Harry couldn't ride their bikes as they had no training wheels. So he came home and wanted his off. So he's progressed very easily and doing great. Peer pressure - gotta love it sometimes, He's flatly refused up till now to even try.

Hanging in NZ and Dad not working much has had some positives. Dad has had lots of time with the boys and they have just loved it. Swinging at the park.

Back to Kidzone. They had a whole gymnasium set up as a little town. Harry enjoyed playing Nurse. Here he is calling the doctor to report a fracture on the Xray.

Chatting to the patients...

Funky hair - mowhawk, coloured blue with glitter - NICE!!!! But Jake thought he was the man.

The highlight for Jake - dressing up, using the hose. Not so hilarious trying to chase him to give the uniform back.

Quite a few of the rideable stuff was too big for the boys but this was just right for Jake and didn't the smile and concentration show. The seat slides forward and back depending on size. A rather cool little vehicle really.

Then onto the music room. The boys loved playing the keyboards, singing singstar (Wiggles) and rockband (drums/guitar) on the Wii. Not as easy as it looked we found out putting Phil in the hotseat. But funny.

Back in the little city Jake played mechanic. Too cute.

Puddle Jumpers - felt very sorry for the guy in the waders helping the kids out - Freezing temps.

Now just to prove it really is a cold climate - they had snow outside for the kids to make an igloo.

So a big congratulations to the organisers a great day. Heaps more we didn't even get to see.

So the countdown is on 3 weeks and 2 days till the removalists arrive. Aaagh best continue my lists. Then we move into Anne's for a month before arriving in WA Sept 12. Will see where our gear is and if its close may go down to Albany for a few days then back to pick up Phil's van and through to Gero. If its still a while away we will buy a car and head straight up.

Still mixed emotions here. Sad to leave the family but it is hard to adjust to this climate after experiencing Gero climate. Will be nice to get back to family life the right way around for us again too - Phil works most, I work little. Not to mention looking forward to hanging with my girls again, have really missed the farm trips, creative nights, frequent cups of tea and Mum's groups. Can't wait to see all the kids bigger and the new ones I've missed.

So, as the weeks rush by (everyday I feel like Phil says its Friday again) I know it won't be long till I'm back in WA. So see everyone there soon and for those of you back here in Invers - best we make a time to catch up or the time will soon be gone.

Love to you all

Mel xo