Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scrap Retreat 2011

Well it is all go over here at the moment. We have just signed up to have our new house built and that is exciting. Can't wait to see how the plans we have spent so much time over transpire into a house. This one will have colour and be alot more like "me". Seen as we expect to stay in this one for a while, best make it the way we want.

Harry is back at school, term 4 and he loves it. He is constantly drawing, writing and crafting. (darling box creations that can't possibly be recycled they are SO IMPORTANT). He has a smile to brighten anyone's day and a laugh that is truely contagious. He takes his role as older brother very seriously and poor Jake doesn't get away with anything! He is thoughtful and full of compliments and cuddles. I am one lucky Mumma.

Jake is finally getting excited about going to "school" (kindy) next year. He will be going 2.5 days a week and I think once he settles in he will thrive. He knows what he wants and does everything within his power to achieve it. So once in a while (or should I say regularly) we have a moment or two of clashing! But he is also very loving and I definitely got my snuggler in Jakey. Poor little man got his 4 yr old immunisations yesterday and so is a little out of sorts, but I am sure he will be back to his usual self in no time.

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed my on the Scrapbook House Scrap Retreat. A weekend of catching up on pages, eating, no cleaning, sleeping till I woke and laughs. Had a blast and got started on some of my holiday snaps.

Below is my favourite - actually a scrap lift of the fabulous Nat Perks. But I saw hers and just knew this photo would be perfect in this layout.

Then lets not forget how stunning my little sister was on her day....

Oh and a little bit of fun thrown in... we had teams - I was in the red team. So we made our dresses (modified Supre) and outfits (crepe paper and all). We danced the flamenco with castanets before breaking into the "crank it" dance by Soulja Boy then (shocking I know) had
T E A M R E D on our butts so a little flash to end on. Very funny and we won the team comp. Great bunch of girls.

Hanging out in Whistler, Canada with the Sanders. Fun times...

Now I have never done this in my life but this is basically a complete copy of a layout (not a lift). When browsing the galleries I stumbled upon Tara Orr. I just loved the way she did put the page together and again knew this photo would suit it.

One of the highlights of our trip... the Pirate Adventure, Victoria, Vancouver Island.

and the best burritos, margaritas and relaxing times.... Old Town San Diego. YUMMO.

Had to scrap me and my darling.

Fun times on the farm - tadpoling, motorbikes, hide and seek in the crops, always great...

Had to record the Beluga drenching...

So all in all a great weekend. At least it made me print out some photos. So I have heaps of layouts still to complete. Note to Sarah - I am still waiting on those photos so I can scrap them too!

So as we race towards Harry's birthday then Christmas and the end of the year, I hope all is well in your slice of the world. Lots of Love

Mel xo

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ooops I did it again!

So it seems I really am a bit hopeless at regular blogging. Again I have been gently nudged and it appears 4 months have past and even a international holiday and still no blog! SO here is a random update. As for the holiday stuff - yet to come.

I have managed a few layouts in the last few months:

As always these three boys feature pretty prominently!

When Jakey was born there was 13 of us from the hospital pregnant at the same time! So we started a weekly Mums Group and have had many laughs. Thought it was important to record this:

When Harry was born the parenting course also provided a basis to for a Mums Group and we met weekly till they all went to school. Some great times to cherish:

Harry went to two Kindy's last year due to the moving around. Although he was only at Strathalbyn for 1 term he loved it and his teachers were fantastic, had to record that:

The wildflowers were fantastic this year. We have had the most rain I have ever known here this winter and it shows. The flowers were beautiful....

A recent pic of me and my darling. Its a rarity to get a nice one of the two of us. So on our recent farm trip to the old car (where we have taken photos of Harry and two mates almost every year of their life each Sept/Oct) we managed a happy snap.

The boys also got their first go at tadpoling! SO much fun. This water hole hasn't had water in it for four years but this year it is riddled with tadpoles. Nothing tricky to it, every sweep of the net hauled in masses of HUGE tadpoles. Needless to say the boys loved it.

A few weeks ago we had Book Week. Really a bit of a no brainer in this house they had to go as pirates! What a great morning, I am so lucky I was able to help out in the class room and have fun with the kids.
Surprise - Jake (the king of dress up himself) was more than happy to just be a big boy at school.

As silly faced as one is (Jake), the other is a daredevil. Since when did a 5 year old think concrete steps were to be mastered? I mean does he have no fear? Is this a taste of what is to come?
Anyway, we are all well. Just in the final steps of getting ready to build again and can't wait to be in our own place again and settled! Off to scrap retreat in a few weeks and should have lots of scrapping to share. Hope all is well in your world.

Love Mel xo

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Worlds worst blogger attempts redemption

Okay so it is official - I am not a regular blogger! Infact, it has been almost 4 months since my last post. (I feel like I am at an AA meeting or Catholic confession!)

I have been ever so gently reminded I have this blog (in case I forgot) . Seems there is a few people who actually check my piece of cyberspace and have noticed my absence. You see when I can't be bothered sorting my photos I just let it build up and with over 900 photos on my camera the task was daunting! But alas here we go.

We loved our time in New Zealand with all the family. What a precious time to be home and celebrate my little sisters wedding. A truely beautiful day - I am sure you have all seen my facebook photos of the day and will agree Smidge made the most stunning bride. I happen to be biased - but I reckon she had some pretty cute page boys too! They rose to the occasion and despite a mildly amusing grass fight in the ceremony they did their job pretty well.

Then we went to the Gold Coast for a week of relax just the four of us. For a treat we took the boys to Dreamworld. They had a blast. Height restriction for many of the rides was 120cm. Harry was 121cms - and did he make the most of it!

Jake preferred the more sedate rides. He loved to be in control of his very own vintage car. Lines were pretty much non existent so we got a few rides in.

As anyone who knows Harry would have guessed the train was a MAJOR hit. Then the very nice driver spent time explaining the engine and the bell - even doing one or more toots just for him. The excitement was hard to contain!

Always worth doing 2 cups here. Dad and Harry have to make it go as fast as they can. Jake and I prefer the slow and graceful.

Now Harry has adrenaline junkie written all over him. (Bring on the big rides in the US). He just made the restriction so he went twice! A great roller coaster whilst wedged onto a motor bike. Loved it!
Yep Harry is on the second car on this loop-de-loop!!! Loved it so much he came with me next on the front of the FIRST car! Does his 5 year old brain not have a fear area?

As you can see Jake loved this one. Me I ended up with some wicked bruises. Think I'll have to blame the driver.

The "gecko slide" at the resort. Silly me only took the camera to the pool first day. But by the end of it the boys were doing it all by themselves (thankfully the water was freezing!)

What Mum in her right mind would even consider buying the boys a whistle? Not this one ever again. They wanted to blow them all day and even wanted to leave things early to get back to them! Hats modelled by boys - made at zone 4 kids program at the resort. Super Hero day and they loved it. Mum and Dad enjoyed some "Date time".

When we got back Jake started daycare for the first time. Just one day a week. He didn't want to go but as always get out the camera and he goes nuts.

Harry had his school bike a thon. I kinda thought I could just miss it - he's only little. But alas the Friday before he came home form school so excited I had to take him. It was a scorcher of a day. So the kids got a water spray welcome each lap. I reckon this little water boy is pretty darn cute!

Here he goes in action.
And I have never been prouder. He pedalled that bike round and round the circuit 16 times. Each lap 750m. So he cycled 12kms!!! Pretty good effort and he was tied for first place boy in his year!
We have had out good friends from Canada over to visit a few weeks ago. It was so much fun to have them back with us. Can't wait to hang out again in Vancouver in a couple of months!

Holly and Harry really are pretty good mates. Enjoying the water park.

We did a farm day. Gorgeous weather just couldn't have asked for a more beautiful time. The kids had a blast making their Easter baskets, doing egg hunts and just hanging out.

Then came the creative play - what kids wouldn't use water in this climate? They had pipes and bowls all constructed about the place. Needless to say they were all soaked. But nothing like a Holly cuddle to warm you up.

Now I would just like to thank the random little girl who left her beautiful purple nail polish at the park. Whilst Mum was so obviously monitoring Jake closely he returned so proud of himself from his den under the slide. Now that is beautiful - such a neat job.

Sadly, not one scrapping layout has been completed of late. One sits unfinished on my desk. Must make more time for it.

So as you can see we are all well over here. We are very thankful that after a very long summer the weather is cooling down. Late 20's most days and cooler at night. Makes you blessed to live here. My favourite time of year.

Harry is enjoying school and doing well. We are just starting to read and that is exciting. He spends many a day writing letters/ lists and copying whatever he can. He remains
obsessed with bells and routine. The school teacher is really lucky to have him - how would she ever remember what she has to do in a day without his reminding? He regularly plays teacher and Jake gets bossed around for whatever "game" he conjures up.

Jake is absolutely full of spunk. He has so many silly faces and we see them all day. Attitude Plus and then some. He seems to be a sponge that just soaks everything up. His memory for things never ceases to astound me. He is the cuddliest little man ever and I am so lucky. Hard to believe he will start Kindy next year. With the way the year is flying that will be here before we know it.

Must make it to bed. Hope all is well in your slice of the world.

Love Mel

Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas and beyond...

Hard to believe Christmas was over a month ago and January ends tonight!!! Where does the time go. Seems I am a little out of date on this little old blog. (and the NZ family are gently reminding me). So here goes a whirlwind tour of what we've been up to.

Well that jolly old man in the red suit has been and gone. But we had to get the yearly Santa pic. I really thought both boys would be right into Santa this year - I was wrong. Master Jake wouldn't have a bar of him and I had to do yet another year in the photo! Note the back to poor old Santa, he wouldn't look at him or even get close.

Christmas morning started at 0130 hours. No typo you read right!! How many times can we tell a five year old to go back to bed - we gave up when Jake finally woke at 630. Mental note to Santa - do not even contemplate Santa stockings on the bed next year, they can stay by the tree. Can you imagine trying to send him back to bed if the stocking was there!

Christmas Day Family Photo.

Master Jake got a new bike and he was pretty stoked.

He also got a "baby greeney" blanket from friends in Canada. It was a hit.

Crackers kept the kids amused and they loved the hats. A day full of relaxing and swimming in the pool. Celebrated with friends and it was fantastic.

The boys got water guns from Santa. Master three has a small issue with the pump action and wasn't quite as able to fight. He can really crack a sad when he wants to.

Then it seems I have been very slack with the camera. School holidays are almost over and Harry is making his own fun...

Australia Day has to be one of the best days to live in Geraldton. The city puts on quite a "festival" of activities all day along the foreshore. The Harry and his wee mate loved the mini ferris wheel. Jake stayed on the ground and did the clowns! They then have fireworks at night - which the kids again love. A great day to spend with friends and always a day to remember Dear Dad - hard to believe how many years have passed since he left us. Miss you mate.

Then we have had some rather strange weather. We had a flash storm the other day. In a friends pool, loving the day when her hubby noticed this strange sight. I literally got out of the pool to take a shot then grabbed the kids and ran for cover inside. It was a fierce dust storm with major winds then rain. Caused chaos for a bit and left many without power.
But nothing compared to the poor Queenslanders and the big cyclone they are expecting later in the week!
Not much from my desk of late.... must get back to it. But here is a layout I did just prior to Christmas.
Not long now and we re off to NZ. Little Sis gets married - yeehaa lets party. Boys will be page boys - so cute. Looking forward to getting there. Nervous about the trip over - by myself and a night in Brisbane on the way. But I'm sure the boys will rise to the occasion and all will be fine.

School starts on Wednesday and we have an excited Master five. Sad in a way the holidays are over but looking forward to what this new year brings. I hope it will be a good one for all of you...

Lots of love

Mel xo

Friday, December 17, 2010

Even Buzz has to sleep!

One minute I was chatting to Buzz as he sat in the seat next to me, two pages of my book later I glanced over to see this. So cute I just had to show you. I mean really why would you remove those wings (the boy version of fairy wings), when you can curl up in a ball and sleep on a chair, complete with buzz hat to make you all sweaty!!

Then I don't know if you have had this dilemma but is 5 and 3 old enough for a boogie board? I've been deliberating for a bit but they chose them as their "good boy for spewing in the bucket" present from Dad (Gastro decided to visit a few weekends ago). So last weekend we made the trip to the beach.

As you can see Harry loved it. Until he got knocked off and got a good mouthful of salt water! But we did coax him back in and he is pretty keen to go back.

As for Jake his idea of boogie boarding was to kneel on it where the water had receded and once in a while it made it back to wash over his board. Baby steps. But this strange sea creature had a great smile for me...

note the vest. The best thing I have ever bought. Others had told me they were good but I never really saw their merit. But we went back to the pool about 6 weeks ago and I literally had a limpet on me. Holding me so tight I could hardly breathe. We now go once a week and with his vest, he is off, arms over his head running and jumping into the water, swimming around metres from me and putting his head under. Like a little fish.

Still loves Spiderman! Playing at Harry's school - Strathalbyn Christian College. Harry has officially graduated from Kindergarten! Pre primary next year. We were treated to the most gorgeous end of year concert. Heaps of cute pics of him doing his thing but alas lots of other kids in them so won't be posting them. Needless to say he took his performance very seriously "God you are my God and I will ever worship you.." hand on his heart, looking skyward with adoration. Too cute.

Recently we took a quick trip to Perth. Seems ages since I got to shop (a little) and chill out in that great city. Found a random playground and love these snaps of my boys and their Daddy. As you can see love all round here.

Still managing a few scrap pages lately (though never enough). Loving my Wednesday scrap nights with the girls. So here is the latest from my desk.

We are almost ready for Christmas, just a few last things to tick of the list. Master Harry really thought we would have snow come Christmas Eve to throw at Jakey! Sad we had to inform him not likely over here. We plan to spend the day with some great friends, catching up on Phil's family and hopefully a little beach time too. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Love to you all from my family to yours.

Mel xo