Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scrap Retreat 2011

Well it is all go over here at the moment. We have just signed up to have our new house built and that is exciting. Can't wait to see how the plans we have spent so much time over transpire into a house. This one will have colour and be alot more like "me". Seen as we expect to stay in this one for a while, best make it the way we want.

Harry is back at school, term 4 and he loves it. He is constantly drawing, writing and crafting. (darling box creations that can't possibly be recycled they are SO IMPORTANT). He has a smile to brighten anyone's day and a laugh that is truely contagious. He takes his role as older brother very seriously and poor Jake doesn't get away with anything! He is thoughtful and full of compliments and cuddles. I am one lucky Mumma.

Jake is finally getting excited about going to "school" (kindy) next year. He will be going 2.5 days a week and I think once he settles in he will thrive. He knows what he wants and does everything within his power to achieve it. So once in a while (or should I say regularly) we have a moment or two of clashing! But he is also very loving and I definitely got my snuggler in Jakey. Poor little man got his 4 yr old immunisations yesterday and so is a little out of sorts, but I am sure he will be back to his usual self in no time.

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed my on the Scrapbook House Scrap Retreat. A weekend of catching up on pages, eating, no cleaning, sleeping till I woke and laughs. Had a blast and got started on some of my holiday snaps.

Below is my favourite - actually a scrap lift of the fabulous Nat Perks. But I saw hers and just knew this photo would be perfect in this layout.

Then lets not forget how stunning my little sister was on her day....

Oh and a little bit of fun thrown in... we had teams - I was in the red team. So we made our dresses (modified Supre) and outfits (crepe paper and all). We danced the flamenco with castanets before breaking into the "crank it" dance by Soulja Boy then (shocking I know) had
T E A M R E D on our butts so a little flash to end on. Very funny and we won the team comp. Great bunch of girls.

Hanging out in Whistler, Canada with the Sanders. Fun times...

Now I have never done this in my life but this is basically a complete copy of a layout (not a lift). When browsing the galleries I stumbled upon Tara Orr. I just loved the way she did put the page together and again knew this photo would suit it.

One of the highlights of our trip... the Pirate Adventure, Victoria, Vancouver Island.

and the best burritos, margaritas and relaxing times.... Old Town San Diego. YUMMO.

Had to scrap me and my darling.

Fun times on the farm - tadpoling, motorbikes, hide and seek in the crops, always great...

Had to record the Beluga drenching...

So all in all a great weekend. At least it made me print out some photos. So I have heaps of layouts still to complete. Note to Sarah - I am still waiting on those photos so I can scrap them too!

So as we race towards Harry's birthday then Christmas and the end of the year, I hope all is well in your slice of the world. Lots of Love

Mel xo

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  1. Hi Mel
    I was just checking to see if there were any updates:-) Love all your squares in 'two boys' and 'farm days' from the scrap retreat.