Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Worlds worst blogger attempts redemption

Okay so it is official - I am not a regular blogger! Infact, it has been almost 4 months since my last post. (I feel like I am at an AA meeting or Catholic confession!)

I have been ever so gently reminded I have this blog (in case I forgot) . Seems there is a few people who actually check my piece of cyberspace and have noticed my absence. You see when I can't be bothered sorting my photos I just let it build up and with over 900 photos on my camera the task was daunting! But alas here we go.

We loved our time in New Zealand with all the family. What a precious time to be home and celebrate my little sisters wedding. A truely beautiful day - I am sure you have all seen my facebook photos of the day and will agree Smidge made the most stunning bride. I happen to be biased - but I reckon she had some pretty cute page boys too! They rose to the occasion and despite a mildly amusing grass fight in the ceremony they did their job pretty well.

Then we went to the Gold Coast for a week of relax just the four of us. For a treat we took the boys to Dreamworld. They had a blast. Height restriction for many of the rides was 120cm. Harry was 121cms - and did he make the most of it!

Jake preferred the more sedate rides. He loved to be in control of his very own vintage car. Lines were pretty much non existent so we got a few rides in.

As anyone who knows Harry would have guessed the train was a MAJOR hit. Then the very nice driver spent time explaining the engine and the bell - even doing one or more toots just for him. The excitement was hard to contain!

Always worth doing 2 cups here. Dad and Harry have to make it go as fast as they can. Jake and I prefer the slow and graceful.

Now Harry has adrenaline junkie written all over him. (Bring on the big rides in the US). He just made the restriction so he went twice! A great roller coaster whilst wedged onto a motor bike. Loved it!
Yep Harry is on the second car on this loop-de-loop!!! Loved it so much he came with me next on the front of the FIRST car! Does his 5 year old brain not have a fear area?

As you can see Jake loved this one. Me I ended up with some wicked bruises. Think I'll have to blame the driver.

The "gecko slide" at the resort. Silly me only took the camera to the pool first day. But by the end of it the boys were doing it all by themselves (thankfully the water was freezing!)

What Mum in her right mind would even consider buying the boys a whistle? Not this one ever again. They wanted to blow them all day and even wanted to leave things early to get back to them! Hats modelled by boys - made at zone 4 kids program at the resort. Super Hero day and they loved it. Mum and Dad enjoyed some "Date time".

When we got back Jake started daycare for the first time. Just one day a week. He didn't want to go but as always get out the camera and he goes nuts.

Harry had his school bike a thon. I kinda thought I could just miss it - he's only little. But alas the Friday before he came home form school so excited I had to take him. It was a scorcher of a day. So the kids got a water spray welcome each lap. I reckon this little water boy is pretty darn cute!

Here he goes in action.
And I have never been prouder. He pedalled that bike round and round the circuit 16 times. Each lap 750m. So he cycled 12kms!!! Pretty good effort and he was tied for first place boy in his year!
We have had out good friends from Canada over to visit a few weeks ago. It was so much fun to have them back with us. Can't wait to hang out again in Vancouver in a couple of months!

Holly and Harry really are pretty good mates. Enjoying the water park.

We did a farm day. Gorgeous weather just couldn't have asked for a more beautiful time. The kids had a blast making their Easter baskets, doing egg hunts and just hanging out.

Then came the creative play - what kids wouldn't use water in this climate? They had pipes and bowls all constructed about the place. Needless to say they were all soaked. But nothing like a Holly cuddle to warm you up.

Now I would just like to thank the random little girl who left her beautiful purple nail polish at the park. Whilst Mum was so obviously monitoring Jake closely he returned so proud of himself from his den under the slide. Now that is beautiful - such a neat job.

Sadly, not one scrapping layout has been completed of late. One sits unfinished on my desk. Must make more time for it.

So as you can see we are all well over here. We are very thankful that after a very long summer the weather is cooling down. Late 20's most days and cooler at night. Makes you blessed to live here. My favourite time of year.

Harry is enjoying school and doing well. We are just starting to read and that is exciting. He spends many a day writing letters/ lists and copying whatever he can. He remains
obsessed with bells and routine. The school teacher is really lucky to have him - how would she ever remember what she has to do in a day without his reminding? He regularly plays teacher and Jake gets bossed around for whatever "game" he conjures up.

Jake is absolutely full of spunk. He has so many silly faces and we see them all day. Attitude Plus and then some. He seems to be a sponge that just soaks everything up. His memory for things never ceases to astound me. He is the cuddliest little man ever and I am so lucky. Hard to believe he will start Kindy next year. With the way the year is flying that will be here before we know it.

Must make it to bed. Hope all is well in your slice of the world.

Love Mel