Friday, November 27, 2009

Warning you will get wet, you may get soaked

Well a photo update is well overdue and some people have been letting me know (just gently NOT!). SO here is a brief overview of our goings on. On our way out of Tucson we went to the Pima Air Museum It was full of planes (whooppee for me but hey gotta do the boys things once in a while). In hangar one they had a kids interactive area. This is a real cockpit of a plane - do you think Harry was in heaven. SO many buttons, switches and knobs!!!!

Then we arrived in San Diego, to spend the last 6 days with our Canadian friends. Monday we did Legoland. Had an enjoyable time but truthfully was a little disappointed, we were under the impression that it was kind of for the little kids but their height restrictions were pretty tough and there wasn't that much they could go on. But we still found some and the smiles tell the story.

Water play - always fun.
The Bounce ride produced lots of giggles. Dad's and the kids.

Harry was pretty stoked he passed his Drivers License! Its a prized piece of card I tell you!!!

Jakey loved Donkey. All thru the park are these amazing lego statues (surprise!)

Harry, Holly and Jake getting eaten by a shark!

Harry thought he was pretty darn cool riding the waves. We loved shooting the water cannons at them.

Then on to the San Diego Zoo. Yes it lived up to its reputation it was world class. Way to much to see in a day. The Polar bear was a hit, he really interacted with the crowds.

Near the gorillas, was some statues. What a fun time they had climbing on them.

Awww. Jake can be cute.

Then on to Seaworld and the highlight - The Shamu Show. Now I don't often whinge about my husband BUT..... Harry and I went to the "soak zone" so he took the camera. I literally have two, yes two photos of the show, AND they are the final views. Nope no leaps, trainers riding or ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr.

Then the rides. Well, I'm developing quite a taste for them and this The Journey for Alantis was no different. Had to choose the front (Stupid I know) but it was great, a climb, decent in to water, elevator, roller coaster and another wet decent.

Needless to say Jo and I got soaked. Note the lighter blue on my belly - that's dry!

Well, I guess if you are wet you might as well continue - RIGHT! So off we went onto the Shipwreck Rapids. Little did we know the crowd could pay a quarter and use a water cannon. Thanks Darren.

Yep, that is Harry, Me and Jo barely visible in the water.
So we just filled in the dry spots and came out dripping! But what a ride and I would have gone again (Harry did with Uncle Darren and he was totally saturated - had to buy him a new outfit at the conveniently located shop at the end of the ride). Lots of smiles.

SO anyway, our time in the US is almost over. But for some Black Friday last minute shopping! Leaving LA on Sat night. Arrive in NZ early Mon Morning. So my next post will be from NZ!!!

Love to you all

Mel xoxoxo

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Busy and having fun.

Well, here we are in San Diego on the very fast slope to heading out of the USA for home. We are enjoying San Diego. We have our very dear friends from Canada - Darren, Jo, Holly & Leo with us for the week. We went to Legoland Monday, Shopped (outlets shops yee ha) Tuesday, San Diego Zoo today, off to Seaworld tomorrow and final shopping Friday (black friday sales - aaagh people everywhere but we should get some bargains). Then Saturday we make our way back to LAX to board the big bird for home.

So as you can see we haven't spent too much time sitting around sipping tea! Boys seem to have settled a little with a bit of routine and staying put for a while longer. In the hotel we are staying we have a kitchen. Never thought I'd say I am enjoying cooking. You really can only eat crap for so long before it doesn't taste as good! The boys are also loving having mates. Seems they really are social creatures. We would get to a park and they just seemed to hunt out any kid to play with. Bit of a difference to Gero where they were always with other kids. Hopefully, we will find some more kids pretty quick in NZ.

Anyway, with Seaworld beckoning and time yet again getting away I best head to bed. Just thought I'd better let everyone know we are doing well. Promise to upload some pics soon. With friends here don't have quite the downtime every night! But we are loving that. Missing those of you in Gero. 3 sleeps to go before we leave for NZ. Countdown is on. See you soon.

Love Mel xoxoxo

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting some cowboy action....

I have always wanted to do this. Stoked to finally get a family pic western style. Phil was happy to be the sherriff (as long as he had a gun!) and the boys well we had to bribe them with a train ride. Then of course they were totally besotted with their guns and not entirely happy to get out of their costume when we finished. So cute. Only wish I could have photographed them playing in between shoots. Sorry the pics are pretty bad but its a photo of the photo! And I don't have photoshop or anything to crop with on my new netbook.

And I really do love this sherriff...

Then of course Phil thought the can can girls could "really dance". Hmmm.

I found me some cowboys. After the gunfight, miraculously they all came alive again.

After the first gunfight thought we'd get a photo with the actors. The boys thought the gunfight was great, but the minute they got close to them and the guns came out, Jakey lost it. "scary". Tried to forewarn it was ll "pretend". Much happier by the time they had seen a few shows and realised noone got hurt.

The boys loved their horse rides on "Buck".

Then back to Sedona. Just a small taste of the scenery. AS I've said before majestic.

Back in Scottsdale we caught up with some friends. We went to Grasswood Flats for tea. Starting the fire to keep warm was this little cutie. Oh I love him.

Seems the US dollar really is becoming worthless! Phil and Rick .

Each of the malls have really cool playgrounds. Do you think Jakey liked this one?

Anyway, internet is pretty poor here and this has taken ages so I had better let Phil have the computer. Off to Yuma (pretty darn close to the border) in the morning via some aircraft museum thingy. Will post again from San Diego in a few days.

Love to you all

Mel xoxoxo

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Post just for Miss Millie xo

This post is by special request. One of the boys little friends back in Gero is quite taken by this Dumbo ride and had lots of questions WHY and HOW. So here is my explanation.

Above is Timothy Mouse he chats away telling you to get in with the little passengers first (so they are away from the opening) and then to buckle up and get ready to fly. You have to stay facing forwards at all times and hands inside. Timothy tells you. You hear him lots while you wait in line. Then the attendant gives you a "magic feather" to place on Dumbos ear to make him fly. (Really its the way they make sure how many can go at once and then the attendant picks it up for the next batch of riders).

Then you go into the ride by walking around, picking your Dumbo and you step in. Buckles on...

These are the big arms that make Dumbo fly up and down, round and round.

Then once you get airborne you can control how high or low Dumbo flies. You go round and round (more up than down if Harry is controlling it). Lots of smiles and giggles are mandatory!

So you fly ... Woohoo!

Then Dumbo slows down and comes back to the ground where you get off. No Pics sorry Millie.
Hope this helps answer all your questions. Missing you xoxoxoxo

Anyway, for some other news. We are in Scottsdale Arizona and loving it. Spent yesterday shopping and exploring then cought up with some friends of Phils for tea. We went to Grasswood flats which you could tell would be totally fantastic on a warm night but it was kind of cold! SO we enjoyed a fire, old rustic place. My cup of tea.

Today we drove 2 hrs out to a little place called Sedona. It was totally majestic. Stunning red rocks everywhere. Adorable Santa Fe style art gallery/dining/shopping district. Totally my thing when I am rich. Amazing artists work. Found a park for the boys to run and wandered the streets. Then we waited till sunset, took some pics and returned home. Hence it is pretty late and I have to go to bed. Will post some pics soon.

All going well here. Will stay another day then head out to Tuscon on Thurs.

Love to you all from this side of the world. (Especially to Miss Millie)

Mel xoxo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Warning - photo heavy disney post.

Well, we were pretty jacked with the timing of our visit to Disney. The Christmas theme started on the Friday. Which meant the boys saw the same fireworks they've been watching on home video all year - and they were totally in awe. It also meant the big man in red (and Mrs Claus to boot) were at Disney with their reindeer taking some time out from preparing toys for Christmas.
We were quite amazed that Harry actually made the height restriction for almost every ride. Which meant that Dad (or Mum) and Harry got to do some rides whilst little Jakey had to wait. However, he's kind of smart and thought if he went on his tippy toes he might reach (see below). Interestingly he must have grown over night, because day 1 he was not 35 in, so couldn't ride the little rollercoaster in Toon Town. But the day later he made the grade and went on Matterhorn Bobsleds. (a mistake - way too fast and scary - Harry was too scared to go on Alice in Wonderland after!). Naughty parents. The crew in line said they would be fine - should have gone with my gut.

Harry just adores Goofy and this pic was by request.

My fav ride at California Adventure Park is Big Grizzly River Run. "You will get wet, you may get soaked". I got wet, Harry soaked. So he wore his little bros trousers the rest of the night! (3/4 pants are in right!). Harry just loved it and giggled the whole way, everyone else on our raft laughed at him. He even chuckled as we went down the big drop. Too funny.

Smiles all around after the river ride.

And who should we meet at Paradise Pier by the toy story ride but Woody and Jesse. The boys just love these characters.

Then its a mandatory part of Cal Adventure Park - California Screaming - and so I did. Its me circled. Great roller coaster - fast, full of turns, loops and drops. No Harry much to his dislike was not with me.

Finally after much waiting, we got to see Its a small world done up for Christmas. Really tame but cleverly done and enjoyable.

Who could not feel the magic when as the night falls the fantasy castle looks like this? Then the fireworks started later followed by produced snow. Boys really were amazed and loved the fireworks.

So all in all, Disney was a great success. It was incredibly tiring and hard work with 2 little kids, maybe next time 2 days would easily be enough. We still didn't manage everything but there really is just so much to see. Next time ....

So we have packed up and said Goodbye to Anaheim. Tonight we are in Palm Desert and leave for Scottsdale, AZ tomorrow where we plan to stay 4 nights. Loving We have had great accommodation cheaper than motel 6 's some with breakfast included! Trick is you don't know where you are staying until after you book and pay, but you know enough about the amenities, area and star rating to book. So far we haven't been disappointed.

Anyway, love to you all.

Mel xo

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We had a blast!!

What a day. We are all totally shattered but off to bed to do it again tomorrow. Boys loved every minute of it and our feet tell the story. We didn't put two and two together to realise today was a Public Holiday here - Veterans Day. So Disneyland was packed. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a little more sedate and the lines not so long.

Boys adored all the characters. Hugs all round.

WE did a fair bit of waiting in line and isn't this boy just beautifully waiting! Surprisingly they actually did pretty well at being patient.

And the favourite ride of the day was..... yep Dumbo the Flying Elephant. You wait in line for like 40 minutes for a two minute ride where you literally go round and round, up and down!!!! Oh the simple needs of a 2 and 4 yr old.

Anyway, sorry its a short one but I must get to bed. Magic Morning pass in the am - must plan wisely. xoxoxoxo