Thursday, November 26, 2009

Busy and having fun.

Well, here we are in San Diego on the very fast slope to heading out of the USA for home. We are enjoying San Diego. We have our very dear friends from Canada - Darren, Jo, Holly & Leo with us for the week. We went to Legoland Monday, Shopped (outlets shops yee ha) Tuesday, San Diego Zoo today, off to Seaworld tomorrow and final shopping Friday (black friday sales - aaagh people everywhere but we should get some bargains). Then Saturday we make our way back to LAX to board the big bird for home.

So as you can see we haven't spent too much time sitting around sipping tea! Boys seem to have settled a little with a bit of routine and staying put for a while longer. In the hotel we are staying we have a kitchen. Never thought I'd say I am enjoying cooking. You really can only eat crap for so long before it doesn't taste as good! The boys are also loving having mates. Seems they really are social creatures. We would get to a park and they just seemed to hunt out any kid to play with. Bit of a difference to Gero where they were always with other kids. Hopefully, we will find some more kids pretty quick in NZ.

Anyway, with Seaworld beckoning and time yet again getting away I best head to bed. Just thought I'd better let everyone know we are doing well. Promise to upload some pics soon. With friends here don't have quite the downtime every night! But we are loving that. Missing those of you in Gero. 3 sleeps to go before we leave for NZ. Countdown is on. See you soon.

Love Mel xoxoxo

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