Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting some cowboy action....

I have always wanted to do this. Stoked to finally get a family pic western style. Phil was happy to be the sherriff (as long as he had a gun!) and the boys well we had to bribe them with a train ride. Then of course they were totally besotted with their guns and not entirely happy to get out of their costume when we finished. So cute. Only wish I could have photographed them playing in between shoots. Sorry the pics are pretty bad but its a photo of the photo! And I don't have photoshop or anything to crop with on my new netbook.

And I really do love this sherriff...

Then of course Phil thought the can can girls could "really dance". Hmmm.

I found me some cowboys. After the gunfight, miraculously they all came alive again.

After the first gunfight thought we'd get a photo with the actors. The boys thought the gunfight was great, but the minute they got close to them and the guns came out, Jakey lost it. "scary". Tried to forewarn it was ll "pretend". Much happier by the time they had seen a few shows and realised noone got hurt.

The boys loved their horse rides on "Buck".

Then back to Sedona. Just a small taste of the scenery. AS I've said before majestic.

Back in Scottsdale we caught up with some friends. We went to Grasswood Flats for tea. Starting the fire to keep warm was this little cutie. Oh I love him.

Seems the US dollar really is becoming worthless! Phil and Rick .

Each of the malls have really cool playgrounds. Do you think Jakey liked this one?

Anyway, internet is pretty poor here and this has taken ages so I had better let Phil have the computer. Off to Yuma (pretty darn close to the border) in the morning via some aircraft museum thingy. Will post again from San Diego in a few days.

Love to you all

Mel xoxoxo


  1. oh man - talk about having aunty donna in stiches jakey!!! you sure know how!!! that last photo is an absolute KRACKER!!!! love all the photos actually - awesome! thank god for the internet eh! x the jensens

  2. Hey Dups Looks like a blast!! Not surprised they loved the guns!! Jakey is a crack up - love that photo. So nice to see where you have been etc Kelsey wants to know where Buzz, Bullseye and the Prospectoer are (re photos with Woody and Jesse)!! xx Debz

  3. Looks like you are all having an awesome time. Download Irfanview on your notebook Mel for doctoring pictures. It's a free program and works well for resizing/cropping etc.
    Fee :-)