Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Post just for Miss Millie xo

This post is by special request. One of the boys little friends back in Gero is quite taken by this Dumbo ride and had lots of questions WHY and HOW. So here is my explanation.

Above is Timothy Mouse he chats away telling you to get in with the little passengers first (so they are away from the opening) and then to buckle up and get ready to fly. You have to stay facing forwards at all times and hands inside. Timothy tells you. You hear him lots while you wait in line. Then the attendant gives you a "magic feather" to place on Dumbos ear to make him fly. (Really its the way they make sure how many can go at once and then the attendant picks it up for the next batch of riders).

Then you go into the ride by walking around, picking your Dumbo and you step in. Buckles on...

These are the big arms that make Dumbo fly up and down, round and round.

Then once you get airborne you can control how high or low Dumbo flies. You go round and round (more up than down if Harry is controlling it). Lots of smiles and giggles are mandatory!

So you fly ... Woohoo!

Then Dumbo slows down and comes back to the ground where you get off. No Pics sorry Millie.
Hope this helps answer all your questions. Missing you xoxoxoxo

Anyway, for some other news. We are in Scottsdale Arizona and loving it. Spent yesterday shopping and exploring then cought up with some friends of Phils for tea. We went to Grasswood flats which you could tell would be totally fantastic on a warm night but it was kind of cold! SO we enjoyed a fire, old rustic place. My cup of tea.

Today we drove 2 hrs out to a little place called Sedona. It was totally majestic. Stunning red rocks everywhere. Adorable Santa Fe style art gallery/dining/shopping district. Totally my thing when I am rich. Amazing artists work. Found a park for the boys to run and wandered the streets. Then we waited till sunset, took some pics and returned home. Hence it is pretty late and I have to go to bed. Will post some pics soon.

All going well here. Will stay another day then head out to Tuscon on Thurs.

Love to you all from this side of the world. (Especially to Miss Millie)

Mel xoxo

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  1. oh thankyou mel! she's in bed as i write this - but will show her first thing in the morning. guess what arrived on my doorstep this afternoon!!!!! and they're great too - very happy with them, will post photos soon and stock my etsy shop too!!!