Friday, November 27, 2009

Warning you will get wet, you may get soaked

Well a photo update is well overdue and some people have been letting me know (just gently NOT!). SO here is a brief overview of our goings on. On our way out of Tucson we went to the Pima Air Museum It was full of planes (whooppee for me but hey gotta do the boys things once in a while). In hangar one they had a kids interactive area. This is a real cockpit of a plane - do you think Harry was in heaven. SO many buttons, switches and knobs!!!!

Then we arrived in San Diego, to spend the last 6 days with our Canadian friends. Monday we did Legoland. Had an enjoyable time but truthfully was a little disappointed, we were under the impression that it was kind of for the little kids but their height restrictions were pretty tough and there wasn't that much they could go on. But we still found some and the smiles tell the story.

Water play - always fun.
The Bounce ride produced lots of giggles. Dad's and the kids.

Harry was pretty stoked he passed his Drivers License! Its a prized piece of card I tell you!!!

Jakey loved Donkey. All thru the park are these amazing lego statues (surprise!)

Harry, Holly and Jake getting eaten by a shark!

Harry thought he was pretty darn cool riding the waves. We loved shooting the water cannons at them.

Then on to the San Diego Zoo. Yes it lived up to its reputation it was world class. Way to much to see in a day. The Polar bear was a hit, he really interacted with the crowds.

Near the gorillas, was some statues. What a fun time they had climbing on them.

Awww. Jake can be cute.

Then on to Seaworld and the highlight - The Shamu Show. Now I don't often whinge about my husband BUT..... Harry and I went to the "soak zone" so he took the camera. I literally have two, yes two photos of the show, AND they are the final views. Nope no leaps, trainers riding or ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr.

Then the rides. Well, I'm developing quite a taste for them and this The Journey for Alantis was no different. Had to choose the front (Stupid I know) but it was great, a climb, decent in to water, elevator, roller coaster and another wet decent.

Needless to say Jo and I got soaked. Note the lighter blue on my belly - that's dry!

Well, I guess if you are wet you might as well continue - RIGHT! So off we went onto the Shipwreck Rapids. Little did we know the crowd could pay a quarter and use a water cannon. Thanks Darren.

Yep, that is Harry, Me and Jo barely visible in the water.
So we just filled in the dry spots and came out dripping! But what a ride and I would have gone again (Harry did with Uncle Darren and he was totally saturated - had to buy him a new outfit at the conveniently located shop at the end of the ride). Lots of smiles.

SO anyway, our time in the US is almost over. But for some Black Friday last minute shopping! Leaving LA on Sat night. Arrive in NZ early Mon Morning. So my next post will be from NZ!!!

Love to you all

Mel xoxoxo


  1. Sounds totally AWESOME Mel .... glad you all had so much fun :-) Hope you are settling in nicely in NZ. Hugs xoxox