Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010. Life begins in a new country.

Well 2010 has arrived and I must update you on the goings on the Duper household. Needless to say life has proved very busy of late. Christmas kind of snuck up on us, New Years just flew by and here we are in 2010! SO in no particular order here is a bit of life lately.

As you all are aware we have moved to Invercargill New Zealand (yes the weather is taking a little getting used to - but we didn't move for the sunshine!). We arrived in Invercargill Dec 3rd and hit the ground running. We saw 24 houses in 3 days and had bought a home4 nights later. Its at 51 Banks St for those of you familiar with the area. Its a weatherboard home built in the 1930s (character - yep thats me, not quite so Phil but its a stepping stone). This way were also able to purchase 5 acres of land about 15 minutes out of town with the view to build in a couple of years.

Anyway, the previous owners were very generous and left us a vege garden ready to eat (over run - we found surprise veges when we weeded!). The boys are totally into this garden and eating all their homegrown goodness. They love to harvest.....

Yummo new potatoes!!!! Anyway, the new house has a remote door on the garage. Harry is totally obcessed with puting it up or down and is frequently found with the remote in his pocket just in case we should ask!!!!! Today I found it on the lunch table with him!

As you can imagine the boys love this...

Here is the garage, note Phil's van has arrived (Happy Husband :) ). To the right you will notice a door. This is to a sleepout which is big enough for you all to come on over and visit (not at once but a family at a time!). We will make it comfy......

This is our back deck. Loving eating outside most the time (between rain showers it dries pretty quick). We will make it a little bigger but for now this is it.

This poor little vegemite just couldn't hold out till we put up his bed on moving day.

Onto Queens Park. Pics of my kids just the same as me at the same age. Nothing too much changes there. I remember clambering over these way back when....

Note the green grass and beautiful trees (there is an upside to over 1000mls of rain fall a year!)

Christmas as I said really did sneak up on us. We moved in on the 18th and all our decorations were thrown out in Gero before we left (thanks to the mice!). So we never even managed a tree! Next year will be much better. We did enjoy the day though with extended family and a yummy lunch.

Nana as always thought well with her pressie and amongst other things all the grandsons got new Jerseys. I know it is summer but they are wearing them and loving it. Aren't they cute.

When we arrived Harry got some belated birthday gifts. This was a fav - Mr Builder Harry - real tools (aaagh yep metal in Nan's house!).

Back to Christmas. This is what we came home for Family and this is my adorable nephew. Such a cutie full of conversation and laughter. Can't wait till we can understand his exciting stories. He got a toy golf set from Santa - it was the best played toy all day. Here he stopped to ponder...

Harry seems a bit of a natural but not quite sure if it was hockey or golf he was playing.

Jake as always just laughing.
Yum - lunch and how better than sitting with Aunty Smidge.

So thats us in a nutshell. I know the house pics are not plentiful but we are almost in some resemblance of order and I will take some more pics soon. Missing you all in Gero, life is slowing down so should get to catch up with those of you around here soon. Looking forward to it.

Many blessing to you all and may your year ahead be one of growth, adventure (to my place hehehe) love and laughter.

Love Always

Mel xo


  1. Hey Mel, so great to hear all your news and see pics of your new home and the boys. Glad you had a great Christmas. We had a very quiet relaxing one that was great. Happy New Year to you and one day we'll take you up on that offer of the sleep out! :) love Ciara

  2. hey you - great to see you back in cyberville. the photos of the boys are too cute! big hugs from us all (very envious of all that green grass btw) xxx don and the mob

  3. Nice to see that you have settled in. Just back from Christmas camp :-) so have three rather tired kids here...and Jase & I to! Hope you get to enjoy the Southland Summer...I did get sunburn down there once...