Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cup of Tea Holes?

You like me may wander what these two are up to. So I ask them, the conversation goes like this:

Mum -"What are you doing?"
Harry - "Making holes"
Mum - "Well, what type of holes?"
Jake - "cup of tea holes"

Hmmm. Interesting considering two minutes before they were blowing them and saying they were elephants. Love the lighter moments that make motherhood worth it.

This is THE plane of all planes. You never would have guessed right? Well Harry got to use Dad's drill, hammer and nails (Dad did the saw!). And yep he is oh so proud - his first tool lesson.

Now this is a almost every meal occurrence. "Look Mum I'm a pirate". Funny boy

I know I've mentioned our latest garden efforts a bit lately. Its all very new to us and the boys really are loving it. YUMMO new potatoes ready to be cooked with mint, add butter and they really are awesome. Do you think the boys are excited?
Today, I braved planting, and we now have leeks, celery and cabbages growing. The boys were enthralled and loved the rakes and shovels.

And this, well it makes me very happy. The coal man came today and now I can light a fire. Nothing like the warmth of a fire on a cold SUMMERS day! (actually today was overcast but no rain and it was warm - what a blessing spirits are renewed).

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Love Mel xo


  1. hi mel!!! Rita, Tobias, Lisa and donna here! scrappin away but missing you heaps! i was sitting here to check Steph Howells blog for inspiration and saw your update and am laughing away to myself at Jake's funny faces!!! big hugs and kisses to the boys for me - lots of love XXXXXXX US!

  2. Just testing the anonymous option of leaving a comment - love you! from Lisa!!!

  3. It's so lovely reading your blog Mel and all the kiwi things that we forget about when we are so far from home. "The Coal Man" is not someone who is required in sunny Gero!

    Hope you had a lovely birthday and a good job interview today.

    Fee x

  4. p.s. Mouth seriously watering at the sight of those beautiful new potatoes! Fx