Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking out for Shrek!!!

Well I promise not to always talk about the weather but today truely was extraordinary. My backyard has turned into a swamp! This literally took a few minutes. Shrek - where are you?

You could be forgiven for thinking we had snow but no hail.

Now I know you are thinking its Invercargill what do you expect but let me tell you about my day.

The weather forecast said Heavy Rain. Now we haven't found the forecasts too helpful but who would want to predict this weather!!! But we got up this morning and Phil was excited the sun was out. So he grabbed his book and sunnies and read outside on the deck in his dressing gown - bliss! Then through the morning we met the friendly neighbours in the street (lots of kids - Harry and Jake are excited). WE enjoyed having a girlfriend from school and her three kids over. We all played outside, wore our sunnies, removed our layers as it got too warm and I considered sunscreen. Then we went to say goodbye. Ooops the clouds came over and by the time I could get to my backyard, we were running to put away the toys and get my dry washing in before the rain and hail hit. So fast! Then again out came the sun - should I have left my washing on the line???? Deck dried, no rain or puddles to be seen. Yay.

Well, I needed to do a quick spot of shopping at the Warehouse. AS I left home it started to spit just a little. Anyway, I thought I'd get a park close to the door just in case. (6 parks away to be precise). I got to the gardening section and down it came. Torrential Rain and Hail. Leaks everywhere and deafening loud in there. SO I paid for my stuff and went to the carpark.

MY CAR WAS SITTING BASICALLY IN A LAKE WITH THE WAVES LAPPING UNDER IT!!!!!! Everytime another car went by the waves grew. SO I waited and waited. There really was no improvement. So I rolled up my jeans (styley I know!) and I had no option but to go. The water was freezing (very lake like!) and it went over my boots. Then to make matters worse my trolley rolled away - deeper! Just at that point when I had no option but to laugh I noticed the guy next to me in GUMBOOTS. We joked together wasn't aware the they were the required dress code! So with freezing, wet feet I returned home to a hot cup of tea.

The rain has stopped and things are drying again!!! I know we had to expect 4 seasons in a day but really this is remarkable and might take a bit of getting used to. One day the sun will have to come out and play just for a day!

Love Mel xo


  1. ha ha! i can just hear you as you recount this story! but just remember - you have all that lovely green, and we have dry prickly brown... there's always a silver lining isn't there :) (and what's more - it was 44 degrees here the other day, i'm sure you dont miss that!)

  2. Oh Mel, it's so lovely reading your blog and hearing about the Mother country! I certainly don't miss HEAPS of rain, but a bit more than we get would certainly be good every now and then.
    Your new house looks lovely.
    Big hugs,
    Fee x

  3. Wow, your weather sounds really crazy, you'll have to pack gumboots and suncream everytime you go out so you can fit in with the locals! :) The flooded carpark story reminds me a bit of the gym carpark here whenever it buckets down we have to wade through water, but that only happens after a few days of rain! Loved the Jake strawberry story, what a great imagination he has. Have a fabulous weekend Mel, love Ciara