Monday, January 4, 2010

Is this really summer?

I guess to question really needs to be asked. Is this really summer? Believe me I wish I could tell you this was winter but no this was yesterday. The boys needless to say, loved 4wd in their "cars" through the Ford! Two deliriously happy boys and not a dry item of clothing at the end but boy did they have fun. Then in true Invercargill fashion, I dried my washing on the line later in the day!!! Go figure. I think this 4 seasons in a day will take a bit of getting used to. I am hoping to make a shelf and rack for by the back door to house - Gumboots and jandals (thongs), sunhats and warm hats, raincoats and jumpers along with the sunscreen - all this for just one day in Invers!I've had (just a few) requests for some more photos of our house. It still not totally ordered but here's a bit of a tour. Our front door - love the leadlight.

Then you enter into a main hub area from which all the rooms are off. Photos and pictures yet to be put up!

The second door on the right is our lounge. Yay for the fire. Ask me how I know it works? Go on! Yep it may be summer but we have it going most days!!! It makes it quite cosy. It also has a heat transfer system through to the foyer and Dining/kitchen. Loving the storage in the window seat and looking forward to getting some scrummy cushions. Might be a lovely sunny spot to read a book on a winters (or Summers) day. Again love the leadlight character window. Yep still have Thomas trains taking over my floors!

The first door off the foyer is our main bedroom. Not hip on the white or blue but will live with it for a bit. The other door you can see leads through to a small room. Not really sure its intended purpose but it will house my sewing machine, excess scrap/painting stuff and my Cricket. As we have taken a substantial size reduction in office space. The room is far to messy to photograph as yet!
This is my kitchen/dining area. Door you can see leads through to laundry and toilet. Awful lights but perfectly functional kitchen. On the left hand side is the door out onto the deck and outside.
Dining room looking back towards the foyer. Note my tiles from Solvang on the wall - I really am in love with them.

Boys bedroom. Purple - not really going to do. Flooring is pretty crap too. One of the first on our list of things to do. But for now it will do. Boys are sharing which is going well in fact I think they actually like it.

Bathroom - what can I say ? Functional and tidy enough.

So anyway, you are still missing a few shots - office not yet photo ready to say the least! Hoping to sort it our soon though as I am ready to do some creating!!!

Missing those of you in Gero. (and Mrs Sunshine and warm days). But enjoying the things cold weather brings - yummy home grown veges, family time, baking, warm fires and train sets.

Love to you all

Mel xo


  1. mmmmmmmmmm it all looks gorgeous and yummy!

  2. Love the character and cosyness of your home. Thanks for the new pictures. Enjoy settling in. love Ciara