Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally I managed to create...

Well after many months of no creating I just got the urge and hit my (still to be organised) scrap space! So I cheerfully sung as I played with paper and it felt great!! Plenty of pics to choose from here.

But I have a dilemma - photo printing is criminally expensive. Apparently I did go to THE most expensive shop but for those of you used to Gero prices I paid $4.50 a 5x7 and 99c per 6x4!!!! Aaaagh so I am back to questioning - home printer vs Photo shop. Any preferences for a good printer? Or should I try another photo shop first????

Anyway In the States I come across a brand of paper I wasn't familiar with Graphic 45 and ooooh did I swoon. (those non scrappers I know you are thinking I've gone mad I assure you I have not). So I had to have a play. What do you think?

Another shock horror. We here in little old Southland have been enjoying blissful days of sunshine (yes SUNSHINE). Not too hot, not too cold - comfy. When I think of those poorbuggers back in Gero sweltering through 48 degrees I am thankful for being here.

Anyway, the boys are just loving all the spare time with the most wonderful Dad in the whole wide world. What a treat to "help" in his van.

You see Nan Anne is enjoying having three of her four girls home in Invers. For two reasons - one she loves us (and the kids), two - she can sort through her house and get rid of all the "stuff" we girls at different periods have left there for "good storage". Boy are we excited!!! That old anvil - what the hell am I going to do with one of those? My school leaving day shirt signed by all the year. Hmmm. Anyway, she was sorting and came across Grandad Ken's Garage clock. So she thought the boys might like it for their cubby. Harry in particular was/is so taken. He has carried it around under his arm all day waiting for Daddy to get a new battery and hang it up! I mean we literally had no show of forgetting he reminded us constantly! So glad he loves it.

So PJ's, already bathed and even after tea away they went down to hang the clock in its home. They were so proud, not to mention helpful with the tools.

And just so you realise I am quite smitten with my wee nephew (who seems to love my camera) here is todays shot. Mwah little man. xo

In other news, I have a job interview at Southland Hospital on Firday for a position in Emergency. So fingers crossed, I will get the job and start work soon, just 4 days a fortnight but enough to keep my head in the game and sane.

Hope all is well in your home and those of you in Gero have not melted away.

Love Mel xo


  1. Good luck with the job interview Mel, will pray it goes well. Lovely as always to hear all your news and I love your scrapbook page - those photos are something else! :) x Ciara

  2. oooh yes - those papers are yummy indeedy - as you know i am a little partial to blue and red - although it's not teal, still noice! and good to see you haven't lost your touch - not one. little. bit;)

  3. Try an online print service Mel for your photos:-; do they have Snapfish in NZ?
    Google "online photo printing" and see what you can find.
    That paper is gorgeous. I love your layout.
    So lovely you are close to your family again and enjoying your little nephew.
    Good luck with the job interview.
    Love Fee (in now slightly cooler Gero!).