Sunday, January 24, 2010

And I have all this just next door....

I truely am blessed. A great family, a Sunday with no work and a random attitude. So what should we do - take a day trip where the weather is fine. A two hour drive and we have this......

The "Lady of the Lake" TSS Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown. Do you think the boys were excited to go on the boat! This is a steam boat and the engine still works like old times. (and is hot and coal stinky - but still fantastic). Harry was besotted with the engine room. What a performance when he thought he'd miss the "engine stopping" as we pulled into dock. We took the Walter Peak Farm tour option. So we disembarked to learn a bit about high country farming.

This is the breathtaking view from the courtyard where we enjoyed, pikelets (jam and cream), scones and some other cake things. Life just doesn't get better. Sun, family and magnificent scenery.

This is the Colonels Manor and it too is magestic. I think I need to arrange a dinner party here - want to come? They hold lots of functions and its easy to see why it is popular.

As for the boys - what can I say. Hills gotta go for a roll. Fits of laughter to follow. I mean who really should be listening to the guide tell us about the buildings.

Master Jake never changes -" Raaaaagh I'm a tiger!"

The boys just loved the animals we got to feed - Red deer (huge antlers) and sheep. See these shaggy beasts (Scottish High Country Cattle)(below) and see the dog working the sheep. Also got to see a shearing display and play with the fleece.

So we had a great family day. Loving the closeness we have to truely magical places.

Now it is getting late and I must make it to bed but I also just wanted to show you one of my all time favourite things. See this snuggle below it is just the coolest. He tucks in his arms, nestles in his head and beams an amazing smile. Mate I love this little man (and the big one too!)

Hope all is well in your world.

Love Mel xo


  1. cool to see you enjoying Queenstown :-)

  2. Oh Mel I think I will have to stop reading your blog. You are making me sooooo homesick! Congrats on getting your job ... glad everything is falling into place so well for you guys.
    Fee x

  3. would that big cow have the name of Duncan by any chance -is he still alive ????? I love that place -did you do the sing -a-long on the trip back??? Ah memories .Can`t wait to come visit.
    XXXX Kez and co