Thursday, January 14, 2010

Renewed Spirits

The sun come out!!!!! Yee haa I feel alive and all is well. So I packed up the kids, rang my sister and we had a picnic at the park. Do you think the kids were excited. You should have heard the squeals (yes I mean squeals) of delight when I told them. So we went to a local park. It was gorgeous. Took the blanket (kinda silly it was way too soggy) thankfully there was plenty of picnic tables. But the kids had a blast and I got some much needed vitamin D.

Then we went and found the ducks. Obviuosly a learned skill I had yet to teach my boys. They threw whole pieces of bread! But once they had the hang of it, they got a real kick out of the ducks. Never really thought about that part of my childhood and that in Gero there just was none!

Mr Jakey - well what can I say, I have LOTS of photos of him and many have this smile!!!! Cute but surely we must grow out of this phase soon.

And just to do the very proud Aunty (this is why we are back here). This is my little nephew and I reckon he's pretty darn cool. xoxoxo

SO with renewed spirits I bid you farewell. Off to enjoy the evening with my man.

Love Mel xo

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