Sunday, November 15, 2009

Warning - photo heavy disney post.

Well, we were pretty jacked with the timing of our visit to Disney. The Christmas theme started on the Friday. Which meant the boys saw the same fireworks they've been watching on home video all year - and they were totally in awe. It also meant the big man in red (and Mrs Claus to boot) were at Disney with their reindeer taking some time out from preparing toys for Christmas.
We were quite amazed that Harry actually made the height restriction for almost every ride. Which meant that Dad (or Mum) and Harry got to do some rides whilst little Jakey had to wait. However, he's kind of smart and thought if he went on his tippy toes he might reach (see below). Interestingly he must have grown over night, because day 1 he was not 35 in, so couldn't ride the little rollercoaster in Toon Town. But the day later he made the grade and went on Matterhorn Bobsleds. (a mistake - way too fast and scary - Harry was too scared to go on Alice in Wonderland after!). Naughty parents. The crew in line said they would be fine - should have gone with my gut.

Harry just adores Goofy and this pic was by request.

My fav ride at California Adventure Park is Big Grizzly River Run. "You will get wet, you may get soaked". I got wet, Harry soaked. So he wore his little bros trousers the rest of the night! (3/4 pants are in right!). Harry just loved it and giggled the whole way, everyone else on our raft laughed at him. He even chuckled as we went down the big drop. Too funny.

Smiles all around after the river ride.

And who should we meet at Paradise Pier by the toy story ride but Woody and Jesse. The boys just love these characters.

Then its a mandatory part of Cal Adventure Park - California Screaming - and so I did. Its me circled. Great roller coaster - fast, full of turns, loops and drops. No Harry much to his dislike was not with me.

Finally after much waiting, we got to see Its a small world done up for Christmas. Really tame but cleverly done and enjoyable.

Who could not feel the magic when as the night falls the fantasy castle looks like this? Then the fireworks started later followed by produced snow. Boys really were amazed and loved the fireworks.

So all in all, Disney was a great success. It was incredibly tiring and hard work with 2 little kids, maybe next time 2 days would easily be enough. We still didn't manage everything but there really is just so much to see. Next time ....

So we have packed up and said Goodbye to Anaheim. Tonight we are in Palm Desert and leave for Scottsdale, AZ tomorrow where we plan to stay 4 nights. Loving We have had great accommodation cheaper than motel 6 's some with breakfast included! Trick is you don't know where you are staying until after you book and pay, but you know enough about the amenities, area and star rating to book. So far we haven't been disappointed.

Anyway, love to you all.

Mel xo

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