Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A pretty random photo update

How lucky was Harry, not only get he get two full days of birthday (one in NZ and one again in LA) but in Auckland my cousin made him a cake! You should have seen his eyes he was totally stoked. Thanks so much Onz.

A few days ago as we left Las Vegas we went to the Old Calico Ghost Town. It was great. Boys loved the train. I loved the FIRE BRIGADE see below.

The boys were starting to go a little mad and desperately needed a good run around. SO on our way between Victorville and Carpinteria we found a gorgeous park. It was fantastic and gated (yay relax a little) then we saw the below sign just outside the fence! Don't know if you can read it but it states DANGER Mountain Lions and Rattlesnakes in this area! According to the locals there has been a few lately due to recent fires. Fortunately we never met one.

Then we discovered this little place called Carpinteria. Really only because we couldn't find accommodation in Santa Barbara for a reasonable price. But it was fantastic. Surfy, relaxed little town full of friendly locals. So we extended our stay and used it as a base to explore Santa Barbara and Solvang. The boys were rather excited to see the see again after the desert.

Then on to Solvang a beautiful Danish community here in California. You could so easily have been in Europe. All the arcitecture, pavements and gardens of colour. Truely gorgeous. Then there was the shops, jam packed full of stuff. Many antique stores and the like. In a beautiful shop I fell in love with these old ceiling tiles. I just had to have them. What do you think?

I really like the fact they are copper ceiling tiles from the East Coast of the US, bought in Solvang and destined for my wall (yet to be found) in little old Invercargill! They will be kind of a pain to transport but worth it!

Then as those of you with kids would know they only last so long around the shops before all patience is gone. So we went to the park - check it out!!!!
It was so fantastic. All timber, well kept and painted designed to initiate imagination. Puppet theatre place complete with seating, houses and fences, wagons, boats and lots of rooms and bridges. The boys (and us) were totally taken.

Anyway, fortunately we have much better internet at this hotel than the last two (which were shocking) and we are off to Disney tomorrow. So you can expect some pics again tomorrow now that I've worked out how to resize (thx Don).

Missing everyone, boys are always asking to see their friends:(. Looking forward to seeing everyone in NZ.

Mel xoxoxo

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  1. oh WOW!!! sounds awesome - and just in case you are thinking twice about your puchase? HECK NO!!! they are absolutely gorgeous and will look beautiful in your new home - i'd love some myself - but they are totally you -vintage - gorgeous very yummy! i love the photo of the boys on the beach as well... so glad to hear an update - was just wondering when the next one would be! oh - and guess what i found out?! we have a good friend in common - Rob Farhi!!! I went to school with his brother Pat - and i think my brother was in Rob's year - but alway skept up from a distance- such great guys - small world eh! lots of love, x d