Friday, December 17, 2010

Even Buzz has to sleep!

One minute I was chatting to Buzz as he sat in the seat next to me, two pages of my book later I glanced over to see this. So cute I just had to show you. I mean really why would you remove those wings (the boy version of fairy wings), when you can curl up in a ball and sleep on a chair, complete with buzz hat to make you all sweaty!!

Then I don't know if you have had this dilemma but is 5 and 3 old enough for a boogie board? I've been deliberating for a bit but they chose them as their "good boy for spewing in the bucket" present from Dad (Gastro decided to visit a few weekends ago). So last weekend we made the trip to the beach.

As you can see Harry loved it. Until he got knocked off and got a good mouthful of salt water! But we did coax him back in and he is pretty keen to go back.

As for Jake his idea of boogie boarding was to kneel on it where the water had receded and once in a while it made it back to wash over his board. Baby steps. But this strange sea creature had a great smile for me...

note the vest. The best thing I have ever bought. Others had told me they were good but I never really saw their merit. But we went back to the pool about 6 weeks ago and I literally had a limpet on me. Holding me so tight I could hardly breathe. We now go once a week and with his vest, he is off, arms over his head running and jumping into the water, swimming around metres from me and putting his head under. Like a little fish.

Still loves Spiderman! Playing at Harry's school - Strathalbyn Christian College. Harry has officially graduated from Kindergarten! Pre primary next year. We were treated to the most gorgeous end of year concert. Heaps of cute pics of him doing his thing but alas lots of other kids in them so won't be posting them. Needless to say he took his performance very seriously "God you are my God and I will ever worship you.." hand on his heart, looking skyward with adoration. Too cute.

Recently we took a quick trip to Perth. Seems ages since I got to shop (a little) and chill out in that great city. Found a random playground and love these snaps of my boys and their Daddy. As you can see love all round here.

Still managing a few scrap pages lately (though never enough). Loving my Wednesday scrap nights with the girls. So here is the latest from my desk.

We are almost ready for Christmas, just a few last things to tick of the list. Master Harry really thought we would have snow come Christmas Eve to throw at Jakey! Sad we had to inform him not likely over here. We plan to spend the day with some great friends, catching up on Phil's family and hopefully a little beach time too. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Love to you all from my family to yours.

Mel xo

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