Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let the adventure begin....

Well, the time has finally come. Our belongings and Van are in a 40ft container destined for Invercargill New Zealand. We are homeless, unemployed (unemployable in DH case!) and carless to boot. Hard to believe we are enroute, seems so long ago we started on this adventure.

We travelled to Perth today and have a couple of days to spend with DH kids and family before boarding the big bird on Sat nite. Off to Auckland for a day, then on to LAX for a month roadtrip throught the US. Can't wait, Mr 4 wants to go to the "castle and the fireworks"(Disneyland). Lots to do and see but most of all just time to chill out the 4 of us. Before we fly back to NZ and get busy getting established.

Been a hard week saying goodbye to some very treasured friends but hey we will be back and with the internet no one is far away. Anyway, love to you all. My next post will almost certainly be from California!!! Take care. See you soon (those in NZ), missing you already (those in Gero).



  1. Mwah! Have fun, take care and come back one day~!

  2. Hi gorgeous!!! been thinking about you all day -hoping the trip to perth went well. you guys are free - truly free, nothing to hold you back or tie you to a place. Let the wind blow you to a place of awesome adventure!!!! I am sooo jealous! Have a ball, love the Jenos