Friday, August 28, 2009

Wow, where have the last two years gone?

Well, I can't believe my baby has turned two! Happy birthday for yesterday my precious boy. He's having a play at the park with a couple of wee mates and a Rocket cake tomorrow. (Thats tonights job - will post photos later) He's just a true delight. Thinks he might toilet train himself thank you very much. Speaks in sentences and repeats everything. He is very determined and does not back down easily. This will be a fantastic attribute if nurtured in the right way - right now it can be trying! He is snuggly and loving, full of kisses and easily says sorry. He's in a big boy bed. Just ask him - "my big boy bed, Daddy made it, I'm a lucky, lucky ducky!" Dad assembled it, didn't actually make it but hey Daddy's are made to be heroes.

He spent all yesterday singing Happy birthday to himself and lots of "hip hip horrays". Too cute. Great he is starting to get it all.

This is Jakey on his first birthday when he was still a "baby". Boy has he grown, quite the wee boy now.
And first "clean" cuddle in labor ward two years ago. So sweet. Love you so much my special special boy xoxoxo

Anyway, lots to do today as we are off to Perth straight after the party tomorrow. Phil's son has his footy finals on Sun. Looking forward to catching up with the kids.

Hope you can enjoy your weekend.

Love Mel xo

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