Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beauty is everywhere

We have had a great season of rain here in WA. The best by far of my almost 9 years here. So we thought we had better go and see the wildflowers. So we hopped in the car and drove a bit over an hour to a place called Coalseam National Park. Can't say I even knew it existed but what an amazing place. Full of gorgeous flowers. Unfortunately the boys aren't aware of the laws and raced straight to bring me a flower each!!! Hard to tell them the thought is wonderful but they really aren't allowed to pick them! So we walked amongst the beauty (and Ant hills) and enjoyed the view over the gorge. Amazing that a place so desolate, brown and dusty usually can be transformed into such a place of beauty for the next little while at least.

Totally engrossed in his stick! But oh so cute. My little man turns two this week!!

Mr H has to be one of the easiest kids to photograph. Always smiling and laughing.

Hard to believe this is normally just dry and dusty. Today a sea of Yellows, Pinks and White.

Sadly, not much arty stuff to post today, but I have started two more canvases. Kelly Rae Roberts book Taking Flight arrived this week. So I am all inspired to try something new.

Hope your weekend is fantastic wherever you are.

Love Mel xo


  1. beautiful photos and lovely flowers!

  2. oh wow mel - and all this on my doorstep - i have to get out there and photograph the kids too - tell me where to go!!!...x d

  3. Beautiful Mel - not so many wildflowers in NZ - but lots of other lovelies to visit for wonderful memories.
    Fee x