Monday, August 3, 2009

Climbing trees, mud, sand and all things filthy

Jake just makes me laugh. This is his "BIG SMILE" he does this every time the camera comes out!

Just hanging out in the fantastic "climbing tree". We took a trip to Northampton with good friends today for a picnic especially to see their favourite tree! It is just great. Lots of places to climb and all not too far off the ground if they fall. Unfortunately the two younger kids spent the whole time in the stagnant creek, playing in the mud and climbing on the sand pile. Truely gross but there were too many smiles and chuckles to stop them. Lucky we have great washing machines these days. Then my camera battery went dead. Bugger, I could have had so many more great shots.

A few months ago we went to Mandurah on the train from Perth. Then we went through the canals on a boat. Boy did the boys think they were special. They love transport!! Had a great day with some friends a long overdue catch up.

Had to scrap this pic. How cute is he? This one was a challenge. Check out the metal flower. My friend and I both had one in our stash for a couple of years never quite knowing what to do with it. So we had to use it. I don't mind it actually. Love the Crate Paper papers.

The house has an offer on it!!! SO all may work out for going straight to NZ after America. Subject to the sale of a unit but with options. SO I'm putting the date 26th October out there every opportunity and hoping it will be our settlement date. Perfect!!

I can never complain life is dull. Always busy, lots happening and the sun has come back. Always lifts the mood. Aaaah Geraldton winters I will miss you!

Hope all is well in your slice of paradise.

Love Mel xo


  1. cool pics, gotta love trees and mud! adore the double layout with all the cosmo on it :-)

  2. that photo of Mr J just cracks me up - it doesn't matter how many times i see it - such a special little dude! it was great hanging with you at MH - hopefully next time though i'll be more fun (minus headache etc!)
    xx d