Monday, August 10, 2009

Sneek Peeks

I've been going to do some canvases for above my bed for a while now, but I have a side of me I hate! The one that says it will never look as I imagined and really I'm not going to be good at it so I should just stop before I stuff it up.

But I am challenging myself and learning to "enjoy the process". So I have started, and in fact almost finished a series of 3 canvases. My first ever! And I have to say I have enjoyed it and I might even get something I'm kind of happy with. Then I just had to buy this fantastic book with lots of techniques written by Kelly Rae Roberts a US artist, called "Taking Flight". Can't wait till it gets here.

So, here is a work in progress sneek peek. Will post when I have finished.

Hope you are having a fantastic week wherever you are.

Love Mel xo

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