Friday, July 10, 2009

Too cute...

Master J is just so funny. He's almost two and has a great vocabulary for his age. Here he literally said "take photo me Mum!" and promptly sat down in great lighting. No photoshop in this one!

Master H just had to try my new hat on. Need some winter woolies for our uncoming trip to USA in Nov. Don't you think the hat and the kid are just adorable!

The boys are pretty lucky to have a Great Great Nana still alive at the grand old age of 101. We had a fantastic day hanging out with Great Aunty, Great Uncle, Great Nana and Great Grandad and Great Great Nana. Man thats a GREAT day.

Master J loves his books. Don't you love the way he has his little finger out as if he's enjoying a cup of tea with the Queen!

Looking forward to a weekend with my boys. Planning to get some creating done as well. Hope all is well in your world.

Love Mel xo

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  1. Great blog Mel - well done. Love your l/o's.

    Thanks for the good holiday wishes over at my blog. Really looking forward to a break.

    Hope all is well at your place?

    Fee x