Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've been busy...

Its a rare day when we have all 4 of our kids together and posing for some pics! So I was totally stoked to get these.
My grandparents moved from a large house to a small townhouse a few years ago and they really don't have much room or need anything. So for Christmas a few years ago I started a scrap album for them. Now I add two pages for each birthday and Christmas. This way, they get to watch my kids grow up and see how my scrapbooking improves over the time. They love it and this is one destined for their album.

This summer their pool died. So at the temperature soared we improvised and I reckon the boys enjoyed these tubs so much more!
For anyone that knows me I usually hate feet. I reckon they are pretty darn ugly, but this day I liked my feet. Totally random and not like me at all to scrap this kind of thing but hey I'm here to preserve the moments. SO why not!
This is me and my baby - almost 2 now! Where has the time gone. Just love his great smile and his laughter is contagious.
Hope all is well with you all wherever you may be,

Love Melxo

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