Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kids at play....gotta laugh.

Does anyone else wonder at the mind of a four year old? What are they thinking and how on earth did they come to that conclusion? Sometimes its quite obvious - other times nothing less than bizzare. Leave it to Harry and he will find a valid reason to continue to use the umbrella despite the absence of rain.

Mum: " Harry, you don't need the umbrella, come on put it away before you break it."

Harry: "but Mum I NEED it, it is protecting my head from the sun while I weed the driveway"

Obviously last weeks sunscreen phase is over and umbrellas are in! I might add, digging the weeds in the driveway was his own doing and no child labour was enforced.

He has become sooo helpful lately. Whether its transferring the spuds from the bench by spoon to the pot ("Good teamwork Mum, I love helping"), weeding the driveway, putting shopping away, hanging out the washing (my OCD struggling with this but coping), or getting it in.....

Sometimes its not too dry (or clean after being on the ground) but he loves to do anything to help. Long may it continue into the teenage years....

We took the boys to the Agriculture show this weekend. The face painting was free and they did a fantastic job don't you think? Very funny.... Jake gets up first what does he want - Spiderman, Harry - PINK! (Hmmm I might add at our first dental nurse appointment he also wanted a pink balloon and Strawberry Shortcake sticker!!!) Given Dad was there we negotiated and got a tiger face.

As for Master Jake he continues to amaze me with his conversations. SO much so I forget he really is only 2.5yrs. He's quite relaxed having a chat on the phone..

We go to Playcafe at a local church on aTues am. Its fantastic. He woke up excited he could again be Superman (costumes with capes!!!). AS we arrived one of the other wee boys who also usually dresses up for the duration arrived. "Look Mum its the other Superman!!" So cute. They played so well together. This morning he woke up. "Mum, who will I play Superman wars with today" I like playing with ....." Crazy making up games.

Jake : " Oh look theres a fire, (picking up a pretend phone) quick I'll call Fireman Sam. Fireman Sam there's a fire, come quick and bring the hose!"

Harry: (hiding in the hall also phone to his ear) Okay, you've got a fire, I'm on my way with the hose" "Weeeooooo Weeeeooooo Weeeeeoooo" (as he runs into the living room)

Both boys now have pretend hoses aimed together "Whoosh shshshshhshshsh"

They make my day light. Who can't smile and laugh when they can be so adorable.

Harry is now in Morning Kindy. Jake asked to pick Harry up 3 times the first morning only once today. I'm still looking out for two kids everywhere we go but I am getting better. Harry - well he is loving it.

We have started (and actually finished) the first minor make over. The boys room is now painted (Huka Falls colour) do you like it? The carpet layer came this am and I've just started a couple of canvases for the boys to do to complete their room. So heres a sneak. (Actually photo isn't really that close to the real colour. Will post more when everything back in place.

First night shift in 5 years starts tomorrow night. So as you are wrapped up in your wee bed think of me eating from the 4 main food groups (chocolate, biscuits, chips and lollies) and staying awake all night. Aaagh - I loved casual. You never know the night may fly.

So love to you all, sorry its been a while between posts. Sadly no crafting to show:( Hopefully life will settle down shortly as work hours decrease.

Love Mel


  1. hey mel! what a great blog post - thanks so much for keeping us up with all the antics - i had a right chuckle when i saw the laundry all over the ground!!! i miss those two!!! well actually, you four! well, it's time to get ready for wed night scrap!!! prob just judy tonight - as lisa is now officially on the anym-moment-countdown...
    will chat soon!
    xxxxx mwah mwah
    don Miss M and TM

  2. ooh i forgot to mention that as far as that photo of the wall goes - i LOVE it! it looks so lucious - warm and yet relaxing - knowing the boys gear - it will be perfect!

  3. Oh Mel your boys are just so cute playing together! Lucas is also obsessed with Fireman Sam at the moment and anytime anything is broken he calls him up on the phone to fix it! Yesterday I smashed a plate Lucas says " don't worry Mummy I'll call Fireman Sam!" He knows the theme song off by heart too. They crack you up don't they!
    Glad things are going well for you over there, you wouldn't really want to be here at the moment in this 40+ heat but we all still miss you guys. Take care and good luck at work...night duty....yuck!
    Luv A x

  4. HI Mel, good luck with your allnighter. So great to get your updates, the facepainting is unreal. I love the way you describe things, makes us feel like we are there observing Jake and Harry. x Ciara