Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creating and Renovating

First things first Grandad (from Geraldton) arrives tomorrow. In fact he is on the plane as we speak. The boys are so excited - so we made him a welcome banner. So we've been bust trying to fix a few things up and do a little cleaning. As you can imagine the boys have been a tremendous "help". Cleaning windows in Grandads room dressed as pirates! May I add the one spot is very clean. AS for the rest well....

WE have also finished the boys room makeover. I felt it needed a little original art. The boys were as always happy to don the art smock and get to work. I did the red base. The boys the rest. Mum's selection of colours to choose from and one coat at a time, drying in between, helped Mum to avoid the mixed up messy brown combination that usually persists.

SO here you have Jake - refusing to use a smaller brush and not really tall enough to get over the big brush we have a kind of whimsical feel.

Master Harry seems to be into blocks of colour.

But I reckon they look great up on their wall. Check them out in the Bedroom pics.

Onto renos. This is our Laundry before: Yuck.

And after. Cute little curtains with owls and birdys cover the cupboards. Fresh and Clean. Much more me.

The boys room before: Lilac just the colour for my boys and check out the gross carpet.

And after. Original art on the wall.

And while I was at it thought it was time to have a small makeover of me. Short hair! Amazing what a couple of kid free hours in a salon can do for your spirits.

Anyway, just thought I should let you know we are alive and well. Work is great, I'm enjoying the challenge. Boys are good. Now Granda will be here for 2 weeks and we are planning some daytrips about the place. Fun times ahead.

And to leave you the latest in disobedient boys.

Dear son no 1 seems to be having a hard time obeying any (and I mean ANY) instruction of late. in total frustration today I picked him up , took him to the location of the thing he was meant to do and looked him in the eye. Meanwhile I firmly placed my two hands either side of his ears and pretended to "turn them on". Now you will hear me. to which he promptly placed his hands back there turned them the other way looked me in the eye and told me "well I turned my ears off". I marched him to his room, shut the door and cracked up laughing all the way to tell Dad!

SO it true as they get smarter in some things, so too the others. BUGGER!

Anyway, take care

Love Mel xo


  1. HI Mel, wow you guys have been very busy with all the renovations, they look great. Particularly love your new haircut, you look beautiful! I can totally empathise with Harry being difficult, Jezarni has turned into a banshee having tantrums all the time and refusing to do what I ask. She was never one to have tantrums before so I am totally shocked and madly reading up on discipline books! :) I am suspecting that kindy is wearing her out and her bad behaviour is partly to do with her being very tired but still thats no excuse. Good luck with Harry and have a marvellous time with Phil's Dad over. Oh and have a very happy Easter too. x Ciara

  2. love the laundry, love love love the art, love the bedroom and most of all, love you! We all agree (it's wed night) that your hair looks awesome - so nice to have an update,
    x don

  3. Hey Mel - your haircut looks fantastic - well done you!!!! Was sorry to hear Phil is not so happy but glad to hear it may mean you may move back to oz!!! A year is a long time so anything is possible. Hope you enjoy grandad visiting. Well done with the home reno's and the kids artwork is just adorable. Think my daughter is friends with your son no' 1 - she is a little monkey - shopping is a nightmare - she runs away from me always and doesn't care if she can see me or not - I abandoned by trolley a couple of weeks ago to search for her and discovered her 5mins later with a jumbo roll of wrapping paper and a bottle of face cream!!! And so pleased with herself!!! Anyhow - I can sympathize with you and lets hope our monkey's improve soon!!!! It is very exhausting!!! Take care Mel and lots of love Jude & co xxxx

  4. Hi there Mel, great to see all you have been up to. nice reno work, mine is still a work in progress, no finances at the mo so just benig happy with paying off my new gas stove. Nice hair-cut, you look well & lovley as usual. The weather has finally cooled a little & we had serious rain- even hail on the weekend! Been working in the garden but it will never look like your lush patch. All the best from Gero, Rachel xx

  5. Ah Mel ... welcome to the world of 4 year olds! Been there, done that and it does get easier - thankfully!

    Your reno's look lovely - and your new hair do is fab. Enjoy the time with Grandad visiting - and remember to post lots of pics of what you are getting up to while he's there!

    Fee x