Saturday, June 26, 2010

Introducing Kate... and a little on what we've been up to.

Always the proud and biased Aunty I am. But isn't this wee (yep wee 6lb 7.5oz) girl just so adorable. She just makes my heart melt. Now, must make sure I get lots of cuddles before we leave. Anyway, she arrived on Sun 20th June, Mum and Kate are doing really well.

A month or so ago, we along with another family went for an explore about the place. Unfortunately our planned place was "closed for winter" so we found this gorgeous beach. For as far as the eye could see no sand in sight. Just these fantastic pebbles and rocks.

So what do boys do with rocks - well they throw them into the sea. So here they are merrily laughing and enjoying the time when I guess we would have to say the tide must have been coming in. A rather larger than the rest wave quickly appeared and started to take my two boys out. Fortunately Dad was there (me - I had the camera and just getting to that do I throw my camera and help rescue stage). Phil has yet to feel the water (believe me it would have been cold) due to the adrenaline but it soon put end to our outing - way too cold to leave them.

But Jake did manage a pretty cute smile.

A few weekends ago (with the same great family) we went up to Te Anau just for a change. Unfortunately it was wet and cold, but hey we are from Southland so we got out to enjoy it. Then we went back to our accommodation, fire roaring and relieved my childhood with a few board games. I love Monopoly! Especially when I win!!!

Just realised I never posted these pics either. Phil and I went away to Queenstown for our 6th wedding anniversary. Just the two of us - bliss. What a gorgeous time of year up there - love the autumn. Playing with the self timer we got these shots.

and just 'cos we could no kids in tow - we went to the minus 5 vodka bar. Cool ice sculptures - everything including the cups are made of ice. Due to "quiet season" in Queenstown we managed a private session just us and the barman. Great experience.

Anyway, I am off to get a snuggle from my wee neice and take my nephew to Chipmunks (indoor play place with cafe). Best not be late the boys have been asking ALL DAY if it is only 5 mins away! Love to you all in your part of the world.

Love Mel xo

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  1. Your boys are such cuties, Mel! All the best for the big move. - Debs.