Thursday, April 15, 2010

Billy Elliot and the Cowboy

At times I am totally spun out. How can two boys (same parents - incredible I know) be so different!

I mean one is dark, the other fair....

one has blue eyes, one has brown....

one is solid enough the other on the lean side....

one lives for cuddles(Mr J) the other affirmations(Mr H) and quite frankly this is not interchangeable.....

one lives life as a pirate, cowboy, superman or any other costume - complete with sound effects, the other happy to just be him....

and the other night I was again reminded how different they are. Picture this....

its bed time and my two are getting to the "distract Mummy and Daddy" stage. So after watching the Wiggles on Monday - live in little old Invers( and it was fantastic as always what entertainers they are) Harry announces they are going to do a show. Now this is random never attempted by these two before and impromptu to boot.

So they get up on the bay window, hide behind the curtains and with a triumphant entrance Harry arrives, full of enthusiasm, arms in big circles with a welcome to the show as he jumps down....
and begins what can only be described as a Billy Elliot gymnast. He danced Ballet, boogied on down and rolled about the floor.

Highly entertaining before giving a short, cute wave and returning to the safety of his curtain. Applause please...

Then its Jakeys turn.... he comes out with a TAAAAA DAAAA! "Ah Holdy me hearties" (eye patch was on prior to photo) "pop, bang gun" and falls over dead!

Well thats my chalk and cheese, dark and light, two boys. Needless to say the boys were late to bed, Phil and I were crying with laughter and the boys really thought they were fantastic entertainers.

I other news, Grandad has returned to Australia. We had a great time showing him about the place and the boys just loved having him to visit.

But most exciting of all - tomorrow Phil and I are off to Queenstown for TWO KIDLESS nights away. Aunty Smidge is having the boys (I know who will be more tired come Sunday). Yummy autumn colours and some special bonding time with Hubby. Will be sure to take my camera and get some pics.

Love to everyone.

Mel xo


  1. Yes it's amazing how different kids are, isn't it? My 3 are all so very different - all have different coloured eyes and hair and such different personalities too. Kind of fun seeing how they all turn out.

    Have a fabulous 2 nights away - you will find it VERY quiet I'm sure - but how lovely to have time out with just the two of you. Make the most of it!

    Fee :-)

  2. You are so good at capturing the moment in photos Mel, I know I say that often, but its so true. What gorgeous boys you are bringing up. Have a fantastic time celebrating your wedding anniversary with Phil! x Ciara

  3. hello gorgeous! What a great story - totally scrapable too i mihgt add!! ( but you already knew that :) Oh and i could hear - as clear as if he was here, J saying Taa Daaa!!! It made me smile big... love you lots and lots and lots big hugs xxxxxx

  4. That's a gorgeous story, and great photos illustrating it! Thanks for coming over for dinner. Juliet